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Staples business membership programs offer:

Business exclusive savings Get the best prices on thousands of everyday items.
Fast, free delivery* Because two days is too long to have to wait.
Experts ready to help There’s nothing like access to real people to support you day to day. Get answers and recommendations to help you.

Explore the additional benefits of Plus and Premium memberships:

Programs built to grow the evolving needs of your business.
Staples Plus
Ideal for small businesses. When your business model takes you from the customer to the boardroom all before lunch, you likely need the basics:
Free next-day delivery. No minimum* Order by 5 pm local time. Excludes weekends and holidays Eligible items only. 10% back in rewards on ink and toner And guaranteed lowest prices on your five favorites $27.49 paper every day Staples® multiuse paper, 8 1/2" x 11", 8-ream case Online only, valid on item #1149011. Limit 3 per month.
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Staples Premium
Ideal for mid to large businesses. With multiple users and locations, your needs may require additional administrative tools and support like:
Fully customized pricing program WorkWins Negotiated rates on business services and employee discounts 30-day billing order approval and spend controls Dedicated account management
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Staples® Plus Program Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") govern the Staples Plus Program (the "Program"). Before becoming a member of the Program, please review these Terms. Please note that your use of the® website are also governed by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. See all terms and conditions.

Staples® Premium Membership Terms

Your program benefits require you to be a member in good standing. Requirements are payment of annual fee and $4,000 spend through during each membership year. 3% instant discount restrictions apply, such as on Paper, Furniture, Technology, Apple® Products, Gift Cards, Special Orders, Fees, Services, Warranties, Print & Promo, Appliances, and Postage. Paper discount exclusive pricing is based on stated Item #’s 324791, 1984250 and 2008241, and is limited to 300 cases total per membership year.

WorkWins aggregates discounts, products and promotions offered by third parties as a convenience to eligible users. Staples and Xexec do not endorse nor guarantee any third-party discounts, products, promotions or content, nor do Staples or Xexec make any representation or warranty regarding the foregoing. Any issues related to the discounts, products, promotions or content offered or presented by third parties must be addressed with the relevant third party. WorkWins is available only to Staples members and Staples Premium members in good standing and their current employees. Limitations for the number of registered users per company vary depending on the company’s Staples contract type. Please contact your Staples Account manager if you have questions about registered user limitations or to request additional users.