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Surveillance Security for Your Retail Small Business | Security Cameras |®

Surveillance Security for Your Retail Small Business

Optimizing the placement of your security system is just as important as investing in one. Follow a few tips of the trade for smart and effective surveillance set-ups.

Divider Surveillance

3 Security Must Haves

Security Mirrors

Considering cost, effectiveness and installation effort, security mirrors can’t be beat. Capitalize on their strengths and follow a few rules of thumb to help keep your shop safe and secure.

  1. They’re most effective in the high corners of your store, and are best suited for small shops. They can help you see out-of-sight, out-of-mind areas like behind bookshelves or near storage rooms.
  2. Just a few security mirrors can give you full store coverage. Set up a system so that between all of the individual units, your line of sight from the register can cover the entire sales floor.
  3. Certain locations are recognized as high-risk areas that shoplifters and other criminals gravitate toward. Make sure to have security mirrors in the back of the store, near stairwells, around employee only areas, and at the entrance/exit of dressing rooms.

Faux Security Cameras

Faux security cameras are a failsafe deterrent, both cost-efficient and user-friendly. Even better, they don’t come with any risk of privacy infringement or location restrictions like their digital counterparts.

  1. Generally faux cameras are mounted to a surface using stainless steel screws, a process that takes just minutes.
  2. Mount these in areas that you might not need to see, but that could be at-risk to employee theft or shoplifting because they’re overstocked or see high foot-traffic.
  3. Placing a faux camera above your store’s entrance let’s anyone entering your store know you’ve got surveillance. If you only invest in one, put it there.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a higher level of investment than mirrors or faux cameras, but they can serve multiple purposes for your business. Most often they’re used to alert you when a customer enters the shop or help protect your small business after-hours.

  1. Motion sensors are most often seen around store entrances/exits, but can be placed anywhere around your retail small business if extensive surveillance is required.
  2. Motion sensors often come equipped with a built-in chime to alert you to activity. They’re also capable of syncing up with digital surveillance screens for a full surveillance system.
  3. Different models will result in varying levels of investment. Generally, the more you’re looking to rely on motion sensors as a security solution, the pricier and more integrated the system will be.

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