Protection and Prevention: Investing in Security Tags

There are a lot of ways to protect your inventory, but one of the best is with security tags. Security tags are one of the most popular forms of retail loss prevention hardware, and with all of the variations on the market today, there’s sure to be an option to fit your merchandise. Here’s a peak at three of the more popular tag hardware options retailers are using today.

Security tags are a great first line of defense against inventory theft. When they’re visible, they act as a natural deterrent to would-be criminals. When synced with detection systems at your store exit, they can help you catch shoplifters before they leave your store. Depending on your inventory, different types of security tags may work better for you than others.

Clothing retailers are very familiar with item level security tags. Clothing tags can come in a few different styles, including plastic hard tags, clam tags and ink tags, and need to be removed by a detacher that employees often keep behind the register. If hard tags and clam tags are removed on their own, there’s a high chance the clothing will rip or tear around the tag location. Ink tags, on the other hand, are filled with a staining agent that will explode on your article of clothing if tampered with. And though most clothing tags are affixed to clothing to act as a deterrent, hard tags can also be linked to detection systems within your store that activate an alarm when removed from the premises.

Clothing retailers also use lanyard hard tags to help secure hanging clothing items to garment racks. However, they’re used more frequently, however for bags, briefcases and luggage. Lanyards can wrap around these items’ handles for a secure connection. If potential criminals attempt to remove them on their own, they run the risk of damaging the handle of the bag they’re trying to steal.

Checkpoint tags are flat, soft, adhesive security tags that sync up with detection systems typically located at store entrances and exits. Checkpoint tags have magnetic strips embedded within them that need to be deactivated at the register before being removed from the store. If removed from the store before deactivation, this hardware will trigger an alarm, storeowners that something has been taken unlawfully. These tags are best used for products that can’t be hard-tagged, such as books, boxes, CDs, DVDs, electronics, etc.

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