Staples’ Top 15 Office Rules

Sometimes the office is a tough place to navigate, but we are here to help. Check out our list of some of the top office rules and the advice and resources you need to make them a reality where you work.

Office Rule #1: The organization of your desktop says a lot about your mental state.

Today, laptops are key to being organized inside the work world as well as outside. Learn how leveraging technology to be organized can benefit you.

Office Rule #2: If you make 10 copies, 11 people are bound to show up.

Daily meetings are the office norm. Make sure you have the printer and copier up and running so everyone can print out their presentations before the big meeting.

Office Rule #3: Never talk about office clutter. That’s what silent judgment is for.

Office clutter is a thing of the past — with a few storage pieces, everything can have a place. Start tomorrow fresh with an organized office space. Trust us, it will change your life!

Office Rule #4: No one needs to know you’re on the beach.

Get with the in crowd and create your workspace so it can adjust to anywhere — and any device, from your office computer to your smartphone. You’ll never miss a beat, whether you’re traveling for business or working from home.

Office Rule #5: Your heart is the only thing you should wear on your sleeve.

Sometimes an attack of the sniffles just happens. Make sure you are well-equipped to fight the early symptoms at work.

Office Rule #6: I have too much data. Said no one ever.

Protecting your data is so important for any business. Make sure you're ready with the right type of hard drive and storage now — before it’s too late.

Office Rule #7: Work should be allowed to pile up somewhere nice.

What does your desk look like? Is it to your liking? Take a step in the right direction and update your workspace to help improve your work.

Office Rule #8: Friends don’t let friends get groggy.

It’s Monday morning, and 7 am came too soon. Fuel up and make sure you're ready to take on the day with the right caffeinated beverage.

Office Rule #9: Keep important files and cat videos handy.

Are you aware of all the business benefits of tablets? These handy pieces of technology can help you soar in the work world. Are you ready to fly?

Office Rule #10: Make yourself at home, at work.

Being organized can improve many aspects of life, but your work is likely to benefit the most. Today’s storage furniture goes well-beyond blah-beige file cabinets. Get tips for making your space work for you.

Office Rule #11: In business, there’s nothing more important than networking.

Are you on Wi-Fi yet? Neglecting this networking detail can end up costing you or your company. Learning more about wireless networking could keep cash in your pocket.

Office Rule #12: Spinning until you get dizzy and can’t walk. Still fun.

Let’s face it: a chair with wheels is just more fun. Looking to add a little excitement to your workday? Look into improving your furniture.

Office Rule #13: The beat of your own drum sounds pretty darn good.

Working with music in your head increases productivity and helps the hours fly by. Check your inventory and make sure you have the right headphones to keep your days sailing.

Office Rule #14: The world would be too exciting if everyone was an accountant.

Numbers are a necessary part of business, whether or not you’re mathematically inclined. Luckily, there’s great finance and accounting software that can help.

Office Rule #15: It’s all about posturing.

Do you have good posture? If not, it may be time to make improved furniture adjustments — your body deserves it.

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