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Staples® offers an extended selection of toilets that meet a variety of facilities maintenance needs. It stocks selections from several top manufacturers, including American Standard®, Stansport®, Toto, and Zurn®. Choose between urinals, free-standing, and wall mounted items to outfit unisex, men’s, and women’s bathrooms. 

Difference Between a Dual-Flush and a Standard-Flush Toilet
Standard-Flush models use the same amount of water for every flush, and each flush needs to contain sufficient water to dispose of solid waste. Toilets need less water to dispose of liquid as opposed to solid waste. Because more water consistently flows through standard-flush models, they typically require less cleaning to remain hygienic. Dual-flush models have two flushing modes, one for liquid and another for solid waste. They use less water to wash away liquid waste. Because users can pick the appropriate option, dual-flush models increase water-use efficiency, and reduce the amount spent on utilities. 

Benefits of a Wall-Mounted Toilet 
Wall-mounted designs have two major benefits; they’re easy to clean and save space. These stylish, minimalistic products hang on the wall without the support of a pedestal underneath the bowl. Because there’s no visible water tank, they offer sleek, clean lines. With nothing beneath or above the actual bowl except bathroom tile, these designs increase the speed and ease of cleaning bathrooms. Most use less water than standard models, and they’re fantastic options for bathrooms with limited space. They’re ideal choices if you’re planning a full-scale bathroom remodel since a plumber will need to place the water tank behind a bathroom wall, requiring physical reconstruction of the room. 

Should You Install a Flushometer Toilet in a Business Bathroom Facility?
Flushometer products obtain water directly from the house or building main water supply, eliminating the need for a water tank as part of the toilet. This lack of a tank permits repeated, quick flushing, making these products ideal for bathrooms with lots of visitors. They’re mostly found in stores, offices, and other commercial and public environments, so it might be useful to consider a Flushometer toilet model that is ADA compliant. 

What Is An ADA Compliant Toilet? 
An ADA compliant item is a product that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The act creates rules and guidelines for both single and multi-user restrooms. It requires the toilet seat to be 17 to 19 inches high and imposes rules regarding other fixtures and general bathroom layout.  

Should You Consider a One-Piece Toilet?
Most homes in the United States feature two-piece toilets. They’re the standard go-to option most people are familiar with. Engineers developed one-piece options years after the two-piece version came on the market. One-piece selections tend to have a modern appearance, and can be found in homes featuring the latest design trends. One-piece models are nice if you’re looking to update your space but don’t want to spend the time and energy to completely remodel your bathroom. They are easy to clean and quick to install. One-piece selections don’t extend as far vertically, offering a more compact silhouette. They’re fashionable, comfortable, and typically require only limited maintenance.

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