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Using 1.5-inch binders simplifies the storage of business documents, school notes or personal papers. These products provide sturdy protection for pages they contain and have organizational features that make it easy to find what you need quickly. Staples carries a broad range of professional binders, including brands such as Avery, JAM Paper and Cardinal.

Choose 1.5-inch Binders for Flexible Document Storage
Binders come in many different sizes, and products with 1.5-inch rings offer an excellent combination of capacity and easy handling. They hold between 200 and 400 pages, depending on the ring style and type of binder, plenty of space for a full semester's notes, technical documents or receipts and invoices. Many products include additional storage options such as interior pockets that hold unpunched or odd-sized materials. Locking rings won't gap and they keep stored pages in place, and one-touch levers make it simple to add new pages.

Find What You Need Quickly When Using Professional Binders
Many binders have transparent label sleeves on the spine and cover, making it easy to find reference materials or records when you need them. Some manufacturers also offer free word-processing templates that simplify label creation. Binders come in a broad range of colors so you can color-code stored documents or choose storage solutions that match your office's color scheme. Many products feature extra-wide covers that protect tab dividers used to separate and organize pages.

What Size Pages Do 1.5-inch Binders Hold?
Most binders have three rings and hold standard letter-sized pages, but there are other options available. Products sized for legal and A4 paper as well as extra-wide binders that hold ledger-sized material are ideal for specialized business needs. Binders that hold half-letter pages are an excellent choice for personal organizers or recipe storage.

What's the Difference Between Round and D-ring Professional Binders?
Round binder rings are mounted on the spine or back panel of the binder cover. The size of a round ring is equal to its diameter. D-rings have one flat side and are affixed to the binder's back cover. The size of a D-ring is the length of its flat side. D-ring binders often hold more pages than round ring binders of the same size.

What Are Professional Binders Made From?
Almost all binders have metal rings and locking mechanisms and durable plastic covers. Many products feature nonstick plastics that won't lift ink from printed pages, making them an ideal choice for archival storage. Binders with rigid chipboard inserts inside the covers provide extra protection from bumps and impacts, but some have flexible covers that may be easier to handle.

What Is a View Binder?
A view binder has a transparent cover sleeve that holds a sheet of paper. It lets you label the binder's contents or personalize its appearance. Many view binders also have spine sleeves that provide additional labeling or customization options.

Binders offer convenient and practical storage for reports, personal documents and notes. They hold pages securely and help keep you organized. Browse the paper storage products available at Staples and find the right 1.5-inch binders for your next documentation project.