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5TB External Hard Drives

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Creating backups, sharing files and storing large photo or music collections are all a regular part of a modern computer user's life. A 5TB external hard drive simplifies these tasks by providing the space needed to store thousands of files in a single compact device. They often come with software tools to assist with data management too. External disks are simple to use and compatible with most modern computers, making them an excellent choice for almost any data storage need. Staples carries drives from manufacturers such as Seagate, Western Digital and MicroNet. They're ideal for either home or business use.

Expansive Storage Space

Music, movies and photos consume quite a bit of space, but an external hard disk has the room needed to store an entire family's photo and video library, back up an audiophile's music collection or archive years of business records. A 5TB drive can hold about 83,000 MP3 music files, which is over 9 years of audio, 1,250 feature-length, DVD-quality movies or 160,000 digital photos.

Compatible Connectivity

Most external drives use a USB 3.0 connection to transfer data to and from a computer system. This technology is compatible with Microsoft Windows, OSX, Linux and many other operating systems. It also works with previous standards, so USB 3.0 drives are compatible with older computers that have USB 1.1 or 2.0 ports, although data transfer speeds will be somewhat slower. Drives with this sort of connection transfer data at up to 5 gigabits per second, so backing up photos and music or accessing stored files is fast and efficient. USB connections are also easy to set up. Just plug in the device, and the computer system will find it.

Flexible Data Options

USB is not the only connection option available for these products. External drives with network connections provide backup space or file sharing to multiple computers on the same network. Some also have apps for Android and iOS that offer users access from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, making it simple to watch shared videos, listen to streaming music or backup these mobile devices. External hard disks with FireWire or eSATA ports offer users additional solutions when working with devices that have unique connectivity requirements.

Uncomplicated Data Control

Creating efficient and complete backups are challenging, but most external hard drives come with software designed to simplify this task. These applications guide users through the backup creation process. Once configured, they automatically keep archives up to date on a fixed schedule or as files change on the system being protected. Some 5TB external hard drives include software that offers additional options, such as storing data in the cloud, sharing images or videos to social media sites or backing up files from mobile devices.

External hard drives make it simple to add storage to home or office computers. They feature flexible connectivity options and often include software that helps users manage the backup process or organize personal data, such as photos or music files. Browse the 5TB external hard drives available at Staples and find a storage solution to meet any need.