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AP&G Insect Control

Nuisance insects can quickly invade your home or office, so controlling them is important. A wide variety of traps are available to target and trap insects that would otherwise take over a space. These traps, used alone or in conjunction with other methods such as AP&G insect control, can be an effective way to control bugs.

Nontoxic Pest Control
Chemical-based products can be an easy way to kill bugs around your home or office, but not everyone feels comfortable using these toxic chemicals. If you don't feel safe using pesticides, or don't know what safety precautions should be taken when using them, choose nontoxic pest control options, instead.

Using nontoxic traps is a safe way to control pests while being confident that you aren't going to harm yourself or the environment. Choose from sticky traps that catch bugs on contact, traps that lure bugs inside and keep them there, or high-tech options that lure and trap bugs with the help of LED lights.

Protect Children and Pets
People with young children or pets may not want to use chemical-based products like bait stations around their homes, but with insect traps, children and pets are protected. Since these traps are nontoxic, they only pose a danger to the unwanted insects you're trying to control.

Insect traps like window fly traps or hanging fly traps can be easily used out of reach of children and pets, while fruit fly traps can be placed on the top of high kitchen units where they are inaccessible. Electric-powered traps will attract flying insects and other unwanted pests while remaining uninteresting to inquisitive children or pets.

Targeted Pest Control Options
Traps aren't a one-size-fits-all solution, so it's important to consider the type of unwanted pests that need to be controlled. A trap that effectively controls flying insects like mosquitoes may have no effect on crawling pests like spiders, and vice versa.

If flying insects are a concern, choose elevated traps, such as APandG insect control products; they offer sticky ribbons and electric traps, among others. If crawling insects are a concern, choose ground-level sticky traps that the pests will crawl across. If sugar-loving pests like fruit flies are present, traps that make use of a nontoxic attractant may be effective.

Monitor Pest Populations
Insect traps don't just control insects, they also help you monitor insect populations inside your home or other indoor space. Monitoring pests is an important part of a pest control program since it provides the information you need to better handle the problem.

Traps can be placed throughout your home to identify areas where pests are a concern. By monitoring how many insects are caught in each trap, insect-infested areas of the home can be identified and targeted.

High-Tech Solutions
Low-tech traps like sticky traps can capture bugs that inadvertently walk across them, but for a premium pest control option, look to high-tech solutions that actively lure bugs towards the trap. APandG insect control products can be used to lure bugs with LED lights, while other products use UV lights or other attractants to lure the bugs. If you need to control pests in an area where power isn't readily accessible, choose a product that is powered by batteries.
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AP&G Co., Inc. 908 GLOstik Flying Insect Trap
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  • Product Type: Flying Insect Trap
  • LED light bulb lasts up to 10,000 hours
  • Reflective cap intensifies insect attraction
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