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Accordion Folders

Expanding and accordion folders offer flexible and portable storage for business documents and personal papers. Most products include features to help keep papers organized and hold either legal- or letter-sized pages, but some folders store smaller documents, such as checks or coupons. These office supplies come in two basic formats. Portable folders have closures that protect contents from damage, while folders designed for cabinet storage have open tops that offer easy access to stored documents. Staples has folders from manufacturers such as TOPS, JAM Paper and Smead as well as store-brand products.

Durable Storage Solutions
Document storage folders are made from functional materials such as heavy kraft paper or cardboard stock that guard their contents against spills and dirt. Many products also have gussets reinforced with Mylar or Tyvek, materials that can fold and bend without tearing. Transportable folders made from extra-strong plastic offer additional document protection, and some have hard sides and built-in handles that make it simple to take large files to client sites or to bring work home in the evening.

Practical Organization Options
Documents sometimes take on a life of their own, and one of the main advantages of using accordion folders is their ability to expand to fit their contents. Some single-pocket products hold files up to 5.25 inches thick, while larger tabbed files provide almost 19 inches of file space for documents. Files also come in a many different colors, adding a decorative touch to paper storage and making it easy to identify file contents at a glance. Specialized storage folders such as personnel jackets have preprinted surfaces that simplify record keeping.

Tabbed files keep documents organized and easy to find and come in several formats. A to Z tabbed folders are a straightforward filing option for most kinds of documents, while blank or removable poly tabs let users create a custom file system. File folders with month or date labels are ideal for storing materials such as receipts or bills, and some products include multiple label styles that provide additional organizational adaptability.

Varied Purchasing Choices
Flexible packaging makes it simple to buy just the folders you need for a single project or stock up for the entire office. These products are sold individually, in small packs of 2 to 10 items or in large bulk packs that can meet the filing needs of any office. Purchasing in larger quantities may also reduce the overall cost per unit.

Eco-Friendly Storage
Most files use some recycled materials, reducing the industry's impact on the environment, and almost all paper-based folders are recyclable too. Select products feature 100 percent recycled construction; they're an ideal choice for environmentally conscious households or offices.

Filing folders are a flexible storage solution for almost any kind of document. They come in a variety of sizes and include products designed for portability or use in filing cabinets. Most have features that simplify organization, and some come in a range of colors. Find an accordion file to meet any home or business document storage need when you explore the many products available at Staples.
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