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An Addonics CD/DVD duplicator is an excellent way to create multiple high-quality copies of DVDs, CDs, or Blu-Rays for personal or business use without adding extra wear and tear on the original disc or computer. Staples® carries several quality brands of duplicators that read and write different quantities of discs at once at various speeds.

Choose a Type of Addonics CD/DVD Duplicator

CD/DVD duplicators are stand-alone devices that don't need a computer to run. Instead, they plug into an 110/240V universal power supply and use between 250 and 500 watts of power. The units have a user-friendly interface and an LCD screen. Addonics offers disc duplication of 1 to 11 copies at one time. Additional space is available for models that have an eSATA port. With the extra storage, you connect an external hard drive to use as a source, and all the optical drives on the device can be used at once for copies.

Understanding the Functions of a CD/DVD Duplicator
These devices come with several standard features. Before pushing the copy button, choose the prescan option to check the source disc for errors that could cause problems with the copies such as scratches, dirt, existing formatting on the disc, or copy protection. If there is an error, some models have a read error skip choice to skip over the errors to override and complete the process. To verify the copies will work, run a pre-test. After the process, use the compare function to make sure all the copies match the source disc prior to closing the session. You can also bypass this process and use the quick copy feature to get a quality CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray to a customer in 6 minutes or less.

How Do You Use the Addonics CD/DVD Duplicator?
Just place the source or original disc in the top spot and one blank disc in each optical drive tray below the top spot. Then select the options for each duplicate and press copy on the control screen to start. The size of the source disc and duplicate speed determine how long the entire process takes.

What Blank Media With Addonics CD/DVD Duplicators?
Duplicators are compatible with most brands of CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and double layer DVD-Rs. Some models are also available for BD-R, BD-RE, and BD-R double, triple, and quad layer discs.

Are Addonics CD/DVD Duplicators Portable?
You can transport these units to different work areas. However, they are not portable. The smallest unit that duplicates one disc at a time weighs 21 pounds and is 6.5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide, and the largest duplicator, which copies up to 11 discs simultaneously, weighs 47 pounds. Its dimensions are 7.5 by 15.8 by 24.4 inches.

Can You Edit Discs on an Addonics CD/DVD Duplicator?
A useful feature most models come with is the ability to take different tracks from multiple discs and merge them into a single CD. If the unit has an eSATA port, you can search through thousands of tracks from your hard drive and mix them into a variety of CDs. However, once the disc goes through the finalization process, it can't be edited.