Asus Disc Drives & Burners

ASUS® optical disk drives are cutting-edge external and internal devices capturing the entire gamut of archival and entertainment disk applications. Asus ZenDrive DVD writers are one of several Asus lines dedicated to select facets of these applications. All Asus drive writers, whether internal or external, have competitive read and write speeds.

Asus ZenDrive Disk Writers Are External Devices That Work With CDs and DVDs
The ZenDrive from Asus is a thin, sleek external drive for reading and writing all audio and video CDs and DVDs, including multi-session CD and incremental and sequential DVD recording. The drive writer accepts M-DISC™ technology, consisting of a rock-like disk surface on which data is engraved during the burning session. The technology ensures an archival-safe disk that maintains data for 1,000 years. The ZenDrive is also bundled with CyberLink Power2go 8™ software that streamlines the burning process with a three-step thumbnail drag-and-drop application, and offers file encryption protection to provide another layer of disk security. The ZenDrive DVD writer is also engineered to provide full backup protection for all Android™ devices.

Asus ZenDrive Alternatives Include Internal Disk Writers
Asus internal disk writers mount in one of the front bays of desktops and hook up to the power supply and motherboard using a SATA bus interface. These SATA internal DVD drives provide both CD and DVD read-write capabilities. They come with e-Hammer technology that lets you securely delete data on Write-Once, Read Many (WORM) CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. SATA internal DVD drives also come with Optimal Tuning Strategy write technology that tests the disk to determine the optimal method for burning it. The drives operate with AVRS controls to minimize vibration in the read-write spindle motor, reducing noise and enhancing the quality of disk audio.

Are Blue-Ray™ Disk Drives Available in Addition to AsusZen Drives?
Asus manufactures external drives that can play Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and DVD titles. Some models offer 2D to 3D DVD conversion and support fast file backups of 100 gigabytes on single Blue-Ray Disc Recordable triple-layer (BD-R-TL) disks and 128 gigabytes on BD-R QL disks. The drives have Auto Tuning Power burn technology that optimizes DVD audio and video recording quality, as well as a three-step thumbnail drag and drop burning process.

These drives come with encrypted disk technology that let you password-protect disk files with a menu-hidden password folder. Some Asus Blue-Ray-compatible external drives are also equipped with a sound card that gives you 7.1 surround-sound output capacity for hooking up external speakers to your computer for a high-definition audio experience. These innovative sound-equipped external drives also function as a standalone headphone amplifier.

Is it Easy to Install Asus ZenDrive DVD and Other Drive Writers?
All Asus external drive writers connect to the USB port of computers and have plug-and-play functionality. Your computer recognizes the device, and it starts functioning automatically. Asus SATA internal DVD drives are screw-mounted to a desktop’s front bay and connect to the power supply and motherboard with two separate cables. Each cable has a recognizable pin connection. When the cabling is connected and the desktop computer is powered up, the operating system immediately recognizes the device and provides on-screen instructions.

Are Asus ZenDrive DVD Writers Compatible With Both Windows® and Mac®?
The ZenDrive CD-DVD writer is compatible with Windows versions 10, 8, 7, Vista®, and XP, as well as with Mac OS X® versions 10.6 and later.