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Address Labels

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Use address labels to convert a time-consuming project element to a time-saving one. Print an advertising flyer, fold it in thirds and seal it with labels printed from your customer list. In just a few steps, the weekend sale notice is ready for postage and mailing. Staples carries a wide selection of label products including Avery labels.

Address Labels Are a Versatile Tool for Business Events
Whether it is from the agenda or the client roster, a few pages of pre-printed labels reduce the labor and increase the flexibility of organizing handouts and other materials for a conference. Print large labels from the roster to personalize packets for each attendee and ensure no one is missed. Pull company logos from the web to use on guest tags at a company sales event to help connect a face and name to an organization. Clear labels virtually disappear when applied to colored cards, giving each name tag a customized look.

Give School Assignments Extra Polish
For school projects, a page of printed labels make quick work of labeling index cards for classroom presentations. Name each stage of a science project to demonstrate the attention put into the assignment. Use labels to identify personal notebooks and school supplies for quick recovery if they are left behind in the classroom. Label children's lunch sacks with their names to make sure they get their own meal from home.

Design and Print Your Own Labels for Homemade Gifts
Print recipe ingredients on a large address label and the preparation instructions on another. Apply each set to either side of an index card to speed up making a gift box of favorite recipes.

Can Address Labels Be Used for Postage?
The postal service web page has a template for printing a postage-paid label without leaving home. Purchase the postage on a credit or debit card and print the label right from the website on a full-page adhesive address label for packages and on smaller labels for envelopes. Print labels at home to be applied to flat-rate boxes provided by the post office. You can also purchase new label makers to do everything you want, without having to go to the store.

The same method is available from shipping companies like UPS and FedEx. Use their website to pay for shipping and print a half-page adhesive label to be applied to any box. Drop at the shipper's office or designated pick-up point and the task is done, with a number attached to track receipt on the other end.

Is a Special Printer Necessary for Address Labels?
Materials compatible with inkjet printers have a surface that picks up and retains the ink without smearing for colorful, highly visible labels of any size. Labels for laserjet printers print with distinct, sharp text for clear reading. Many surfaces are acceptable for both types of printers. Labels are available in a wide array of colors as well as clear.

How Are Labels Packaged?
Self-adhesive labels come in 8.5 x 11 inch sheets and are packed in boxes of 25 individual sheets providing a few hundred labels, depending on their size and number of labels to a page. For bigger projects, they are packaged in large boxes of 250 sheets with thousands of labels. They are also available in a continuous feed format for pin-fed line printers. Staples carries a variety of office supplies and tax return items to help keep your business moving forward.
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