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Labels serve a variety of purposes in home, office, school and workplace settings. They come in several sizes ranging from address labels to full sheet sticker paper and work with several printers including inkjet, laser and pin-feed models. Staples carries many solutions from popular brands such as JAM Paper, Avery and Smead.

Choose Important Label Features to Suit Individual or Business Needs
Labels come with a variety of features that make them simple to use and apply. Pop-up sheets have tabs that lift the corner of each one to seamlessly remove it from the backing. While many have a durable adhesive that's ideal for permanent use, others have a removable formula that suits temporary labeling purposes, such as marking boxes or parts during inventory.

Shoppers can choose from clear, white, kraft or colored labels. Most come on a full sheet that fits through a printer, though some come in smaller formats that are meant for writing on instead of printing. Some brands, like Avery, offer high visibility colors in neon shades that stand out.

They work well for color-coding folders, creating catchy marketing materials or identifying the contents of storage containers. Smudge-proof options eliminate the risk of ink smearing, while clear label protectors safeguard all written or printed ink from spills and the elements.

Mail out Envelopes and Boxes with Shipping Labels
Shipping labels make easy work of addressing boxes, envelopes and mailing cylinders. Choose sheets with multiple stickers on a page or go for half-sheet options to clearly mark larger packages. Colorful sheets increase visibility and draw attention to the packaging. Businesses who use postage meters can buy special adhesive sheets to run through the machine.

Label Specialty Items with Templates
Specialty labels come in a variety of templates such as those for identifying CDs or DVDs. Notarial labels typically have a shiny surface that's ideal for marking certificates and awards, or sealing envelopes and invitations to add a fancy touch.

What Can You Use Full-Sheet Labels For?
Full-sheet pages work well for multiple tasks. You can design your own layout using a graphic or word processing program, and cut them to size before applying, or use paper punches to create fun shapes. Use them to mark large shipping boxes or as part of a crafting endeavor to create specialty products and stickers for customers. It's also possible to design party decorations such as water bottle labels or guest of honor badges.

What Shapes do Labels Come In?
They come in a wide array of shapes including circles, ovals, rectangles and squares. You can choose different sizes as well. Some of the rectangle and square units have rounded corners for a softer appearance. Specialty types come in non-standard shapes including conversation bubbles, frames and star bursts.

Can You Buy Labels in Bulk?
Yes, you can buy them in multiple size packages from single pages to a full case for demanding business needs. Staples has an auto-restock program that automatically delivers products to a home or office to ensure that you never run out. Consider buying a smaller package first to ensure the labels work before buying bulk quantities.
Avery Easy Peel Laser Address Labels, 1" x 2 5/8", White, 30 Labels/Sheet, 100 Sheets/Box (5160)
Item #209882
Model #05160
  • These address labels make your most important messages stand out
  • Individual labels measure 1"H x 2 5/8"W
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Avery® White Inkjet Shipping Labels with TrueBlock™
Item #SS1008444
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  • Labels are bright white for professional results
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Avery® Inkjet Internet Shipping Labels with TrueBlock, White, 50/Pack (08126)
Item #616841
Model #08126
  • Internet shipping labels for small, medium and large boxes
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
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Avery Easy Peel Inkjet Address Labels, 1 1/3" x 4", White, 14/Sheet, 25 Sheets/Pack (8162)
Item #415505
Model #08162
  • Address labels are ideal for mailings, messages, invitations, and announcements
  • Individual labels measure 1 1/3"H x 4"W
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Avery Laser/Inkjet File Folder Labels, 2/3" x 3 7/16", White, 30/Sheet, 25 Sheets/Pack (8366)
Item #779330
Model #08366
  • Make quick changes to your file folders with these removable file folder labels
  • Individual labels measure 2/3"H x 3 7/16"W
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Avery Easy Peel Laser Address Labels, 1" x 2 5/8", White, 30/Sheet, 25 Sheets/Pack (5260)
Item #209999
Model #05260
  • These address labels make your most important messages stand out
  • Individual labels measure 1"H x 2 5/8"W
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Avery Matte Clear Address Labels, Sure Feed Technology, Inkjet, 1" x 2-5/8", 300 Labels/Pack (18660)
Item #833699
Model #18660
  • These address labels make your most important messages stand out
  • Individual labels measure 1"H x 2 5/8"W
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Avery Hand Written Color Coding Labels, 1/2" Dia., Neon Green, 60/Sheet, 14 Sheets/Pack (5052)
Item #297952
Model #05052
  • Color-coding labels for call attention to documents, inventory, sale items, calendars, and more
  • Round 1/2" diameter labels
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Avery Easy Peel Laser Address Labels, 1/2" x 1 3/4", White, 80 Labels/Sheet, 25 Sheets/Pack (5267)
Item #466011
Model #05267
  • These return address labels make your most important messages stand out
  • Individual labels measure 1/2"H x 1 3/4"W
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Avery® Easy Peel® Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels
Item #SS1060086
  • Ideal for branding products, brochures and mail pieces
  • Print-to-the-edge feature lets you create a custom look to showcase your product, logo or company
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As low as  $18.44
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