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Home & Office Printers

There’s an array of printers to choose from: some are compact and portable, ideal for small-scale uses like low volume home printing; others are large, with high capacity and fast printing capabilities to meet the mid-to-high volume printing needs of various types of businesses. In addition, printing devices can have special features for photography, and secure printing for checks, contracts, and other documents. Find printers from manufacturers such as HP®, Lexmark™, Brother®, Epson®, and Samsung® among others to meet your printing, photocopying and scanning needs at Staples®.

Inkjet Printers for Professional Photography and Versatile Printing
Inkjet printers work by shooting droplets of ink to paper to produce documents and pictures with clear, durable text, graphics, and images. Some are ideal for professional photo printing to deliver high definition graphics and pictures. Many models offer paper size printing options like tabloid, legal, and letter size dimensions.

Inkjet printers are available in various sizes. The larger models feature supertanks which hold large canisters of ink rather than cartridges.  These are ideal for high capacity printing as they hold enough ink to yield over 10,000 color or black and white prints per filling, and can go over a year without refilling. Inkjet printers are a popular option for multipurpose home and office printing because they yield professional grade graphics and clear text without breaking the budget.

Laser Printers for Fast Printing
Lasers use heat to melt toner and then fuse it to paper. This method of printing is fast, achieving speeds up to 60 prints per minute. The prints also come out dry, making it easy to handle them after printing. Lasers are the go-to option for enterprises that require fast printing.

Both laser and inkjet printing machines are available in black and white, and color options. The monochrome options are for those who only need to print documents such as forms, exam questions, and letters. Color options offer more versatility, allowing users to print a wide range of documents, pictures, brochures, and magazines in color or grayscale.

Can You Print From a Remote Location?
Some printers support Google Cloud Print™, allowing you to print using supported Android™ devices from any location, whether at home, in the office, or when traveling. The AirPrint® feature for Apple smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets offers similar capabilities to the Google Cloud Print, giving users the ability to print and store from multiple locations.

What Are the Capabilities of All-in-One Printers?
They usually include scanning and photocopying; a few options also include fax. Some all-in-ones include features such as automatic document feeders for fast, efficient operation, and duplex printing which prints both sides of a paper, reducing paper costs. Large capacity feeder trays can hold 150 sheets at a time. In busy offices where several users need to print documents, consider options that allow over 15 unique users to print, scan, or copy documents.

What Are the Connectivity Options?
Many modern printing machines support wireless and network printing, along with traditional wires and cables. Some support connection via Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and Near Field Communication. Direct connectivity features include SD card and thumb drives on some models to offer users more ways of sending and scheduling print jobs.
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