Aerosol Tubing

Aerosol tubing comes in a variety of different sizes that are suitable for both professional machines and machines that patients use at home to help them breathe. The tubes are lightweight and flexible to keep patients more comfortable. Keep enough tubes on hand for all your patients.

Multiple Uses
Use aerosol tubing with machines that produce heat and machines that lack any heating. The tubing is strong enough to withstand high temperatures without melting or suffering any other type of damage.

Corrugated for Convenience
Choose pre-cut corrugated aerosol tubing for smaller machines. Corrugated sections placed every six inches let you quickly and easily break the longer tubes into smaller sections for use with smaller machines. Opt for longer tubing without any corrugated pieces to cut the tubes into the exact sizes that you need.

Works with Different Systems
Select the type and size of aerosol tubing that you need for all your respiratory machines and systems. Some designs work well with CPAP machines and the oxygen masks that patients diagnosed with asthma and breathing conditions use at home. Other types of tubing are suitable for use in professional machines that can help patients breathe easily in a hospital or doctor's office.

Secure Connection
Easily attach the tubes to any type of breathing or respiratory machine, and rest assured that the rugged tubing forms a strong connection with the machine being used. Tapered edges fit easily into the spaces on those machines and form a tight seal to prevent the tubes from falling out and to keep patients from accidentally pulling out the tubing.