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Computer Cleaning & Maintenance

Computer maintenance is more than just defragging or optimizing a hard drive. A computer also requires external care. Computer cleaners help keep your laptop or desktop computer screen, keyboard, surface and cooling fans free of dust and smudges that may impair performance. Advanced tools are also available at Staples for maintaining and repairing the internal components of computers and the disks they use.

The Importance of Using Computer Cleaners
Routine maintenance of the physical components of your computer helps to prevent future problems. Dust is the main culprit. Monitors emit static electricity. The static electricity attracts dust particles which, if not removed regularly, can become a source of allergens as well as causing problems with the clarity and performance of your screen. Dust accumulation in the housing of your keyboard will make keys sticky and unresponsive. The cooling fans of your computer also draw in ambient dust which can coat the internal components of your computer, slowing it and impairing its performance.

Computer Cleaners Have Specific Functions
Oily fingerprints, food particles and liquids can combine with dust to create different cleaning problems. Compressed air allows you to remove dust and debris from both internal and external components. It is safe for use on all computer parts. Compressed air comes in cans which are equipped with a finger trigger that gives you control over the amount of air being shot and a targeted nozzle or extension tube that lets you precisely direct the air. Compressed air will remove particulate from computer crevices, cooling fans, internal components or wherever build up occurs.

Another computer cleaner is screen-cleaning liquid, which normally comes in a spray bottle. Screen-cleaning liquids often come with a microfiber cloth to wipe and dry your monitor. Some sprays are formulated specifically for LCD or plasma screens. Liquid cleaners also come in small disposable wipes for use on the go. Microfiber cloths are available individually and are handy for dusting the case, wiping down screens and cleaning keyboards.

What Are Some of the More Advanced Maintenance Tools?
Kits are available for keeping the internal or electronic components of your computer operating properly, including tools for cleaning cable terminals, boards and wiring harnesses. The tools include screwdrivers, ratchets with sockets and Torx bits, long-nose pliers, wire strippers, cutters and crimpers, soldering equipment, voltage testers, cable ties and other accessories. These tools are demagnetized so as not to damage your hard drive.

What Are Some Other Computer-Related Cleaners?
The CDs and DVDs that you insert into your computer for music and videos are delicate. The optical device that your computer uses to read the disks is also prone to collecting dust. Computer cleaners are available for each. Both dry and liquid-compatible disk cleaners, buffers and scratch removers are available for disks, sometimes in kits that automate the process. Other cleaning disks are available for removing dust and smudges from internal lenses. These disks simply insert into your optical drive and do the work automatically.

Are Preventive Maintenance Tools Available?
Routine cleaning is an important preventive step for maintaining computer performance. Some other accessories help deter the accumulation of dust or damaging elements. They include anti-static desktop mats, see-through plastic overlays for keyboards, general-purpose cleaning wipes for maintaining the space around your computer and anti-static wrist straps to prevent body-related buildup of static electricity from damaging components when working inside a computer.
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