Computer Cleaning & Maintenance

There is more to PC maintenance than security and software maintenance. Computer hardware maintenance through the use of a computer cleaner is also essential in optimizing the performance of computers. Regular wipe-downs of computer hardware, such as screens, cooling fans, and keyboards, helps reduce issues like short circuits and blockages of airflow, which can cause overheating. Visit Staples for computer cleaners and computer accessories.

Types of computer cleaners to consider
The kind of computer cleaner to use will depend on the component under maintenance, its characteristics, and the severity of the dirt, dust, pet dander, and other materials that need removing. Wipes and cloths are necessary when cleaning components like a keyboard, mouse, or external drive. There are also air dusters suitable for cleaning delicate parts sensitive to water. Use them to blast out dirt, dust, and food crumbs from the keyboard and the cooling vents of a PC. Screen cleaner sprays emit vapor/form to help clean monitors, improving the clarity of the screen. CD/DVD cleaners help clean driver lenses, thus helping maintain their reading sensitivity.

Portable vacuums are useful for sucking out dust and other particles stuck in a PC. Computer cleaners avoid having to open the whole computer and exposing it to potential risks. Cotton swabs are convenient for cleaning hard-to-reach regions of the keyboard. It's important to wet the swabs with a keyboard cleaner spray before use. This enables users to eliminate dust and stains on the keyboard.

Reasons for using a computer cleaner
Regular computer cleaning helps remove debris and dust from the fan, which might make it fail. It helps reduce fan failure, which might otherwise lead to overheating and potential overheating of essential components. Reducing overheating by cleaning frequently also helps maintain the operating speed of computers, ensuring optimal output. Having multiple users on a PC sometimes leads to build up of germs on the computer accessories, which creates the potential of users becoming sick and possibly reducing productivity in the workplace. To curb this problem, maintain the hygiene levels of a PC with a computer cleaner.

How often should you clean a PC?
The rate at which you clean a computer depends on the environment and the age of the user. A PC in a dusty environment, such as a construction site, needs more regular cleaning than a computer in a clean office environment. Children are careless, so there are higher chances of them spilling food or liquid onto a laptop or keyboard. The device or accessory may need cleaning and maintenance more frequently. Keyboard covers also help to avoid potential disasters when not in use.

Can an air duster computer cleaner cause damage to electronics?
Compressed air in air dusters can't damage your electronics if the device is off during cleaning. Hold the can vertical when spraying to avoid spilling the contents onto your device, which takes time to evaporate.

Can you vacuum a keyboard?
A vacuum computer cleaner helps suck the dust and debris on your keyboard. It's a good idea to turn the keyboard over and tap it lightly on the underside to loosen any crumbs or other debris before vacuuming the keyboard.
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