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Get jobs done faster so that you and your workers can move on to the next project with heavy-duty concrete tools. Cut, drill, and break up old concrete with diamond-tipped drill bits and saw blades. Lay new concrete more easily with the help of a new cement mixer and rebar cutter.

Lay New Concrete More Easily
Take on bigger and more challenging concrete-laying projects with a new cement mixer and rebar cutters and benders. Lay concrete for a driveway or garage floor, and ensure your workmanship holds up to heavy use over the long term with perfectly sized and bent rebar thanks to a new rebar cutter and bender. Do bigger projects such as parking lots and large patios by upgrading your current mixer to a larger-capacity, higher-horsepower electric mixer.

Cut, Grind, and Drill Existing Concrete
Add fence posts, signs, or railings to existing concrete with diamond-tipped coring bits. Slide a concrete core bit into your hammer drill, and drill deep into a concrete pool patio for permanently mounted umbrellas. Keep extra diamond-tipped saw blades on hand for big concrete demolition projects or cutting through concrete patios and parking lots for plumbing or electrical work. Clean up rough edges or uneven surfaces after your projects have cured with a heavy-duty angle grinder and concrete cup brush.

Maintain Your Equipment
Keep your equipment in peak working condition so that your workers spend less time repairing or maintaining tools on the work site with tune-up and maintenance kits for your rebar cutters. Make sure every cut is clean and precise with extra cutting blocks, mounting hardware, and hydraulic oil for your rebar cutters.

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Devcon® WR-2 Wear Resistant Putty
Item: 1161858 / Model : 230-11420
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  • Dark gray
  • Bonds to steel, iron, aluminum, ceramic, concrete, brass and some plastics
  • Multi-purpose use
189.19 $189.19
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