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Search for jewelry or treasure with these metal detectors, which locate items on or under the ground. Made with sturdy metal and plastic components, each model is lightweight enough to carry and durable enough for regular use. Choose from brands such as Bounty Hunter and Wildgame Innovations.

Custom Configuration
Most metal detectors come with multiple settings, so you can create the right configuration for any terrain. Simply choose the correct elimination mode, the variation, and the sensitivity level to rule out specific metals or depths. Each model features clearly labeled dials and buttons to allow quick changes on the fly.

Clear Feedback
With multiple feedback methods, these metal detectors enable you to identify hot spots in seconds. Most models use audio tones that get louder in the presence of your specified metal. Ensure that you hear each indicator tone clearly with sophisticated mono or stereo headphones. Others feature high-definition screens to provide a visual representation of buried objects.

User-Friendly Designs
Metal detectors with built-in arm cuffs distribute the weight of the frame across your forearm to prevent soreness or fatigue. Many models feature contoured and coated handles for a comfortable grip, making it easier to execute small movements. Keeping your detector running is a breeze—simply replace the batteries to ensure continuous power.

Accurate Technology
Each of these metal detectors is engineered with high-powered technology, enabling you to find buried items. To find large metal items up to 2 feet below the surface, invest in a model with a high-powered coil. Detectors with high sensitivity can pinpoint the location of an item within inches, so you can minimize digging.

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