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Angled Brooms
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Traditional brooms provide a cleaning tool for use indoors or between major cleanings. Angled brooms feature a design that fits into corners and other small spaces, capturing dirt and debris in all areas. Staples carries a variety of broom handles and cleaning supplies that meet the needs of most janitorial services, businesses, and households for daily cleaning needs.

Choosing an Angled Broom for Different Locations
Brooms with angled heads come with natural, synthetic, and flagged or unflagged bristles that affect their use in different areas. Natural corn fibers are stiffer than other materials, and they provide increased durability for use on concrete, outdoor carpeting, and other rough surfaces. The thickly packed fibers handle small and large debris, and they have the strength to move heavier materials. Synthetic polypropylene fibers are softer, providing a scratch-free option for smooth floors and hardwoods. These brooms come in options with densely packed heads that provide stronger sweeping for large particles.

Flagged or split-bristle fibers collect fine debris, dust, and powder. These dust mops collect tiny particles, providing cleaner areas without repeated sweeping. Flagged bristles aren't recommended for use in wet applications, due to matting that occurs with the collection of wet debris. Unflagged bristles collect large particles and withstand wet sweeping without becoming matted, but aren't as effective at picking up small, fine debris.

Consider the Features on Angled Brooms
Angled brooms with shorter angles provide a widespread cleaning option that reaches into larger corners. Consider models with deeply angled bristles for areas with tight corners or large equipment throughout the space. The handles on these types of brooms range from 48 to 60 inches, with shorter options working well for quick cleanups. Consider longer handles for taller workers or for areas where extended periods of cleaning with standard brooms are required due to tight spaces. Options with lacquered handles provide increased durability that resists cracking. Textured grips reduce slipping, giving users increased control during use.

Can All Angled Brooms Handle Wet Applications?
Use push brooms with synthetic bristles in wet conditions. The bristles resist acids, solvents, and detergents, making them a good choice for industrial areas. Synthetic materials dry quickly, reducing the chances of mold or mildew growth. Brooms with natural corn fibers have densely packed bristles that hold water, increasing the chances of mold. Solvents and detergents break down natural bristles faster, reducing the life of natural bristles.

Are Angled Brooms Available in Different Colors?
These brooms come with color options for the handles, which let users assign specific models for different areas. Use bright red or yellow for areas with acid and other caustic materials to ensure the entire crew knows the proper procedures for handling. There are angled brooms with bristles in different colors, which provides guidance on where the products should or shouldn't be used. Users can also color-coordinate brooms with the decorating scheme for a cohesive look.

What Size Heads Are Available on Angled Brooms?
Brooms with angled heads come in traditional 10.5 to 11.5 inch widths that work well in break rooms, kitchen areas, and other small spaces. Models with 14-inch heads increase sweeping paths, maximizing productivity and reducing the time spent cleaning each area.