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Apricorn External Hard Drives

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Apricorn external hard drives let users make regular backups of irreplaceable files and in-progress projects. They connect to a laptop or desktop computer via USB, so they're compatible with most modern systems, and offer anything between a few hundred GB and several TB of drive space. For increased protection, Apricorn Aegis drives use multiple layers of security to safeguard data from unauthorized access.

Making Backups On Apricorn External Hard Drives
The first thing to decide when choosing an Apricorn external hard drive is how much storage is needed. The total capacity necessary depends on what kind of files are being backed up. Drives in the 512 GB range are usually more than enough for program files, text, and static image files.

When users need space for larger files, such as audio and video projects, consider a larger model. Options in the 1 to 6 TB range are suitable for backing up movies, music, video presentations, training films, and full-length animated slideshows. Large drives are also a good choice for saving program files to protect against catastrophic loss.

Apricorn External Hard Drives With Combination Locks
Many of these drives use multiple layers of security to protect information. Apricorn Aegis models use state-of-the-art components to keep files from prying eyes, and their AES chips offer a choice between 128 and 256-bit protocols to support almost any encryption in common use. An optional auto-wipe feature responds to unauthorized attempts to force access by permanently deleting the drive's contents, a virtual guarantee no unauthorized users can access protected files.

These drives' sophisticated software is backed up with several innovative physical security measures. Their encryption chips, for example, are sealed into their ports with a strong epoxy resin that seals the chipset and makes them nearly impossible to remove without disabling the drive. Many models also offer built-in keypads for setting access PINs to ensure only authorized users can access company spreadsheets and developing projects.

Portable Apricorn External Hard Drives vs. Desktop Drives
Desktop drives tend to have more storage space than portable options, though a secure portable drive may be a better choice for safely transporting files from one location to another. Portable drives are also ideal for making backups while working from remote locations such as at home or a coffee shop.

What Are Apricorn External Hard Drives?
Apricorn external hard drives are storage devices that back up and store computer files. Most of them have elaborate security features to keep their data safe.

How Do You Connect an Apricorn External Hard Drive?
These drives are designed to plug into any USB 3.0 port and start transferring files as soon as the necessary password is input. The USB 3.0 connection runs data up to five times faster than a USB 2.0 cable, which makes it ideal for large file transfers and whole-system backups.

How Do Apricorn External Hard Drives Protect Information?
Aegis Padlock devices protect information with many security measures. They support AES encryption protocols and allow users to set up personalized PIN numbers for up to five authorized users. Some also have encryption chips that are physically sealed to the board for added security.