Asus Laptops

Asus laptops combine slim and lightweight designs with powerful computing capabilities and high-resolution displays that offer exceptional color reproduction. They include business-class laptops, ultralight chromebooks that are ideal for frequent travelers, powerful machines with the performance to handle challenging games and 2-in-1 products you can use as a tablet or traditional laptop. Staples carries a complete selection of Asus products, making it easy to find a model to match any user's needs.

Asus Laptops Handle Demanding Computing Applications
Most of these products have Intel processors that combine computing power and energy efficiency. Celeron and i3 CPUs handle the needs of casual users, while more powerful i5 and i7 processors take on the toughest computing tasks. Fast solid state drives and high-capacity hard disks offer users plenty of storage space for applications, personal data and media files. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, high-speed USB ports and memory card readers simplify network and device access and data transfers.

Enjoy Interactive Media With an Asus Laptop
Modern computers do more than crunch numbers. They play movies, stream music and serve as communication devices. Asus products have LED displays with resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels that show off the special effects in movies, and devices with dedicated graphics processors handle the intense demands of video games. Built-in high-definition webcams, stereo speakers and microphones make it easy to connect with friends using software such as Skype or Discord, and Asus touch-screen laptops provide easy access to system functions and application features. Many of these products feature the Windows 10 operating system, which includes support for touch and voice controls.

How Big Are Asus Laptops?
The smallest Asus products have 10.1-inch screens and weigh slightly more than 1 pound. These ultralight products are ideal for travelers or students who value portability. Business-class laptops offer more display real estate. They have 13 to 15-inch screens and weigh 3 to 4 pounds. Gaming systems are the heavyweights of the Asus product line. With 18-inch screens, high-capacity batteries and dedicated graphics cards, these products can weigh as much as 13 pounds.

How Much Storage Does an Asus Laptop Have?
Most of these laptops have hard drives that hold between 500GB and 1.5TB or 250 to 500GB solid state drives. Some ultralight notebooks and 2-in-1 models feature compact and energy-efficient eMMC memory storage. They have space for 32 to 512GB of data. Most Asus laptops have 4 to 8GB of memory, and gaming machines come with up to 64GB of RAM. They also have USB ports you can use to add external thumb drive or hard disk storage.

Which Is Better, Integrated Graphics or a Dedicated Video Card?
Most laptops have an integrated graphics processor (GPU), a chip built directly into the system's motherboard, but some have dedicated video cards. Both systems have advantages. Integrated GPUs cost less than dedicated cards, but they're typically less powerful. They also use the system's main memory to display the images you see on the screen, which can create processing bottlenecks when playing games or multitasking. Dedicated cards have their own graphics memory and offer excellent rendering performance, however, they produce more heat than integrated GPUs and add weight to your laptop.