Asus Tablets

ASUS® tablets provide a smaller alternative to laptops for working or playing on the go. Styles range from compact ones that fit in a purse or pocket to those that provide a large, immersive screen. Staples® carries tablets that provide users with intuitive operating systems, plenty of storage capacity, and screen resolutions that produce sharp text and smooth video playback.

Experience Asus Tablets for Productivity and Entertainment
Windows® tablets from Asus give users the functionality of their laptop or desktop computer in a streamlined, touchscreen device. They let you work in spreadsheets, create Word® documents, and save files in formats you can access on other devices. Many tablets feature the Android™ operating system and its Google Play™ store, which offers thousands of games and applications, ensuring plenty of entertainment wherever life takes you.

Asus models come with quick processors that provide up to 1.9 GHz of speed for smooth operating. Some models include a 64-bit processor that taps into more random access memory (RAM) and performs tasks faster. Some tablets provide 2048 x 1536 resolution for crisp, detailed visuals. Consider products with 178-degree viewing angles that reduce color shifting when you look at the screen from the side. Some tablets come with front, dual, or stereo speakers that ensure rich sound that matches the way you prefer listening to music and videos.

Discover Feature-Rich Asus Tablets
Tablets with front-facing cameras let users video chat and capture selfies. Rear-facing cameras provide quality photos of life's moments and some tablets including video recording for memorializing special occasions. Units with micro-HDMI ports let you connect your device directly to a TV or monitor for a larger viewing experience. Headphone jacks let you listen to movies and music without disturbing others. Tablets with anti-fingerprint coatings on the screen protect against smudges and smears.

What Are the Size Options on Asus Tablets?
Tablets from Asus come in different screen sizes, with 7-inch models providing quality viewing in a size that tucks easily into a purse or bag. An 8-inch version provides enough space for playing most games and viewing videos comfortably. A 10.1-inch screen makes working in multiple windows or programs simple and delivers a captivating viewing experience.

How Much Memory Do Asus Tablets Come With?
Tablets come with up to 2GB of RAM for responsive use. Devices with 16GB of storage work well for those who want to save photos and files until they can transfer them to another device. Models with 32GB of storage hold approximately 14,247 photos or 4,660 songs. A 64GB tablet stores up to 16 HD videos, 2,849 apps, or 28,494 photos. Most products also come with expandable storage, which lets you install a memory card for additional space.

What Are the Connectivity Options for Asus Tablets?
All tablets come with 802.11 b/g/n wireless connectivity, and some models include 802.11 a compatibility. Bluetooth lets you connect to smart TVs, tuners, and other compatible devices that are up to 30 feet away so you don't have to stay in one spot. Consider devices that connect over 3G or 4G networks for entertainment and productivity when away from a Wi-Fi connection. Some tablets support HDMI casting, eliminating the need for cables when watching movies and videos on larger screens.