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BIC Mechanical Pencils with Assorted Barrels, 0.9mm, 24/Pack (MPLWP241-BLK)

Item #: 730950 | Model #: MPLWP241-BLK
BIC Mechanical Pencils with Assorted Barrels, 0.9mm, 24/Pack (MPLWP241-BLK)
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Product ID: 730950
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About this product
BIC mechanical pencils allow you to write for longer without stopping to sharpen the tip.

Make additional notes on your first draft or diagrams with these mechanical pencils from BIC. These pencils have three 0.9 mm leads, so you don't need to spend any time sharpening them. The leads are break-resistant and stand up to vigorous note-taking during lectures and meetings. An attached clip makes these pencils easy to carry in your pocket or purse and lets you take notes when you are out running errands or at an appointment.

  • Mechanical pencils eliminate the need for repeated sharpening
  • #2 lead measuring 0.9 mm ensures clear and visible lines
  • Includes an eraser on the end for convenient rewriting
  • Comes in a pack of 24
  • Multicolored barrels have contrasting clips for a vibrant look
  • Pre-filled with three leads for extended writing time
  • Leads resist breaking and enable smoother writing
  • Ensures neatness with minimal smudging
  • Equivalent to 2.5 wood case pencils for increased productivity

Sturdy Lead
These mechanical pencils have thick, sturdy leads, which let you draw well-defined lines. The lead does not smudge across the page, making these pencils great for taking standardized exams and tests.

Attached Eraser
Clean up work effortlessly with the attached eraser on this mechanical pencil from BIC. These pencils increase your productivity as you don't have to put down your pencil and pick up a separate eraser to correct minor mistakes.

Conveniently Disposable
Write comfortably with these mechanical pencils, which don't lose their length like wood case pencils. The pencils are also disposable, giving you the option of not refilling them once the eraser is used up.