About this product

Bic Velocity retractable ballpoint pens make it easy to write smoothly and clearly.

Write important notes and documents more effortlessly when you use Bic's Velocity retractable ballpoint pens. Each retractable pen has a 1.6mm bold tip for clear, trouble-free strokes. Their contoured grips make writing more comfortable and provide excellent control for clear, accurate writing. Clear barrels give them a pleasing appearance even when they're not in use. Each pen is refillable so there's no need to go out and buy a new set of pens each time you run out of ink.

  • Pens have a 1.6mm bold point
  • Refillable translucent barrels for an interesting appearance
  • Each pack contains four pens
  • Contoured grip makes writing easier and more comfortable
  • Ballpoint ink provides vivid lines and smooth writing
  • Safety Data Sheet
1.6mm Bold Point TipMade with a smooth writing tip, each Bic Velocity retractable ball point pen adds sleek aerodynamic lines to your notes and documents. The 1.6mm tip is designed in a way that smoothly adds style to your writing. These ball point pens feature striking translucent barrels, making them look beautiful even they are not in use.Unique Grip SectionBic Velocity retractable ballpoint pens feature contoured grips that provide control when writing. The soft grip section feels comfortable in your hand and does not strain or hurt your fingers even if you write over a long period of time.RefillableProviding a good way to cut back on costs and the time needed to buy new sets of pens every time the ink runs out, each Bic Velocity retractable ballpoint pen is refillable with blue ballpoint ink.