Whether you're teaching a math class or running an accounting business, calculators can help you get the job done. Each one is built with a mix of simple and advanced functions for maximum efficiency. Choose the best model for your business from brands such as Casio, Canon, and Texas Instruments.

Multiple Functions
Each of these calculators is designed for a specific user group in mind, so you can select the one that best fits your needs. For college students and engineers, choose a graphing calculator such as the TI-84 plus calculator or TI-83 plus calculator that features a large display. Scientific calculators are ideal for teachers that deal with fractions, and models with built-in printers can help accountants or business owners with accurate record-keeping.

High Visibility
Calculators with high-contrast screens increase visibility, whether you're working under fluorescent office lights or in a dim warehouse. Choose a calculator with a backlit display for high-visibility calculations in a variety of lighting conditions or visualize graphics and calculations easily with full-color model. For extra power and versatility, select a calculator that supports data transfer from your desktop computer.

Easy Operation
Each button on these calculators is clearly labeled with high-contrast text, so you can choose the correct option on the first try. Many models have more than one function per key to save space and ensure that the calculator packs maximum value into a compact package.

Multiple Power Options
Choose calculators with multiple power options to maximize your time at the office. Some models can be plugged directly into the wall, so there's no need to remove the batteries and interrupt your work during the charging process. Solar-powered calculators help you mitigate your electricity usage, while many rechargeable models can be loaded onto a docking station for efficient charging.