Canon Printers

Whether printing documents in the office or photos at home, a quality printer is a must. Designed to enhance efficiency and increase productivity, Canon® printers come loaded with features and with different specifications to meet your printing needs. Staples® carries an assortment of Canon inkjet, laser, and all-in-one printers that stand up to the most demanding workloads.

Canon Printers Have the Technology to Get the Job Done
Canon printers feature inkjet or laser technology depending on the model. Inkjet printers work by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto paper. They are ideal for business envelopes, labels, and basic documents as they produce rich, crisp text. They work well for light printing in the home or office. Laser printers use static electricity and toner to transfer text and images to paper. They are capable of producing larger volumes quickly, making them suitable for heavy printing applications. Another option, a photo printer, produces high-quality photos and most allow users to print directly from their compatible device.

Canon Printers That Handle Multiple Tasks
All-in-one Canon printers do more than just print. They combine a multitude of functions into a single device to eliminate the need for separate machines. Most offer printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. They typically have a larger display and different buttons for each function. These are optimal for use in the home, classroom, and business as they fit a variety of needs. All-in-one printers use either inkjet or laser technology.

Canon Printer Features to Enhance Productivity
Each printer has different features to meet the user's exact needs. Most models hold around 100 sheets of paper at once, while others can hold 250 or more. Choosing a printer that can handle large loads of paper is important, especially in high-traffic areas to eliminate the need to constantly refill the tray. Some also feature a built-in memory card reader so users can easily access their photos or documents directly from the machine. Another popular feature is duplexing, which is the ability to print on both sides of a piece of paper. Printers with duplexing often use a reversing document feeder so users do not have to refeed the paper manually. Another option found on some is a touchscreen display making it quick and simple to input commands and data.

How Do Wireless Canon Printers Work?
A wireless printer connects over a Wi-Fi network to share the printer with more than one computer. After installing the correct driver on a computer, other computers and compatible devices can access the printer. This feature is an excellent choice for homes or offices that share a single printer.

Can You Use a Canon Printer With a Smartphone or Tablet?
Some models allow users to configure the machine to print directly from a smartphone or tablet. Printing from a smart device requires connecting to the existing network and accessing the printer application. Not all devices work with wireless printing, but there are third-party apps available to facilitate this.

Are Canon Printers Compatible With All Operating Systems?
Almost all Canon printers work with Windows® operating systems. Some, however, do not work with Macs® and Linux®. When choosing a printer, it is vital to ensure it is compatible with the operating system you work with.