Coffee Capsules

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Pod-style coffee makers are popular for both home and office use, and the large selection of coffee capsules available allows each user to make his or her favorite drink quickly. There are numerous flavors and brands designed to work with different machines, as well as some that are compatible in several types of coffee makers. Browse the large selection of coffee styles and flavors to find your favorites for the home and office.

Types of Coffee Capsules
Coffee capsules are available in different flavors and sizes. Most are designed to make a single drink of a certain size, from small espresso shots to larger travel mug sizes depending on the machine. There are also pods that will make enough coffee to fill a carafe when used with the proper machine. You can find capsules with different types of coffee beans and roasting levels along with several blends. There are decaffeinated options as well. Many coffee brands are available including Nestle, Caribou and Green Mountain.

People who enjoy flavored coffee or espresso drinks can use capsules to make these beverages. There are many flavors available such as caramel, chocolate, and vanilla. Some machines use a combination of espresso and milk capsules to create lattes or cappuccinos.

Choosing the Right Coffee Capsules
It's imperative to choose coffee grinders that are compatible with your machine. Most pod-style coffee machines offer several options directly from the manufacturer. There are also brands that make pods compatible with one or more machines. You can find options with organic and/or fair-trade coffee, as well as styles that don't use artificial flavors or preservatives. There are also espresso pods designed for use in some types of espresso machines.

Not all coffee brands and blends are available in ready-made options, so some users may choose empty capsules. These can be filled with any ground coffee as desired and function just like traditional coffee pods. There are both single-use and reusable capsules. Reusable options are environmentally friendly and allow the user to create customized drinks easily.

Are There Capsules for Non-Coffee Drinks?
You can find capsules for non-coffee drinks such as hot chocolate, tea and hot cider from a variety brands including Swiss Miss and Celestial Seasonings.

Do Capsules Work in Cold-Brew Machines?
Some coffee pod machines have a cold-brew option to make iced coffee and iced tea drinks. Depending on the machine, you may have to use specially-designed cold-brew capsules.

Are Coffee Capsules Sold in Bulk?
Most are sold in large quantities that make it easy to stock a home or office kitchen. Some packages have as few as 6 capsules whereas others have an item count of over 100 pieces. You can find bulk packages with a single style and others that include an assorted selection of flavors. Some packages include non-coffee drinks as well.

Are There Capsule Storage Solutions Available?
Most people buy coffee capsules in large quantities, so there are storage accessories available. You can find slide-out drawers that fit directly beneath some machines and there are also spinning carousels that display all available flavors efficiently. Another option is a durable storage tin for espresso capsules that looks nice and helps preserve freshness. Staples carries a wide selection of K-cups, coffee beans, coffee makers, and more.