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Mobile technology stands and racks make it easy to move computers and other devices around your workspace. They provide the sturdy support needed to move CPUs, monitors and other office gear. Utility racks also improve employee safety, since staff won't be asked to carry heavy items around the office. Staples has many technology and utility carts for sale, including products designed for computers, audio-visual equipment and large files.

Simplify Equipment Management

Desktop computers have many components which would take several trips if moved by hand. Use a utility rack to complete the move in one trip and minimize employee downtime. Many of the technology and utility carts for sale double as work areas, and some have built-in power strips and keyboard trays, making it simple to add equipment to an office or create a temporary workspace. Utility stands also add decorative touches. Some have wood finishes suitable for executive spaces while others use modern materials that match any decor. Use a mobile technology stands and rack to move expensive equipment into locked storage when it's not in use, or create a mobile workstation for technical staff so they can take their tools with them while they work.

Improve Office Safety

Moving heavy files or equipment by hand can cause back strain or other injuries. Use the many technology and utility carts for sale to carry the load so office staff won't have to. Electronics have dangling cables that are tripping hazards, but mobile technology stands and racks provide shelf space or cable organizers to keep cords out of the way. Some also have shelves with raised lips or rubberized surfaces that keep items in place during transport, preventing spills or breakage.

Move Anything

There are utility racks designed to handle most moving needs. File racks have rails for hanging files, drawers that provide easy access or locks to secure sensitive materials. Use mobile technology racks and stands to move electronic devices and computers or carts sized to hold file boxes or storage totes to move these items to or from long-term storage. Staples also has luggage-style technology and utility carts for sale. These products have enclosed storage and oversized wheels that are ideal for transporting equipment to trade shows and conferences. There are even products designed for janitorial use that have built-in waste receptacles and mop buckets.

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