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Use clippers & buzzers to cut your hair at home or to give yourself a trim in between visits to the barber. With included plastic guards, clippers make it easy to cut your hair yourself and get your hair as short as you want without any professional help.

Short or Long
Go as short or as long as you want with clippers and buzzers. The plastic guards that come included snap directly onto the top of the trimmer to keep your hair all the same length. Use different guards to determine the length of your hair. The right styling products help you tame wild flyaway hairs and other problem spots once you trim your hair.

Touch Ups and Trims
Take care of problem spots and spots where your hair goes faster before you can get back to the barber. Use buzzers and clippers to give your hair a quick trim or to touch up on the spots that need trimming in between visits.

Face and Head
Get a close shave both on your head and on your face. Some clippers and buzzers come with guards designed for shaving your face and trimming your beard or facial hair. You can remove excess facial hair in seconds without getting out a razor and shaving cream.

Use Anytime
With clippers and buzzers, you can shave or cut your hair anytime you need. Choose a clipper with a rechargeable battery inside that you can charge right on your bathroom counter, or choose a buzzer with an interchangeable power cord that you can use in outlets while traveling to foreign countries.

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