Give salon clients the high level of service they expect with hair tools and accessories that let you cut, color, and style different hair types. Trim a child's hair with clippers, or create a fancy hairdo with styling products. Stock up on the tools you need to make caring for hair simple.

Simplify Basic Hair Care
Basic hair care tasks become simple with professional shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Choose products designed for thinning hair, dry strands, or frizzy locks to customize hair care for each client, or use leave-in conditioners to heal damage caused by heat or chemicals. Brushes and combs eliminate tangles and smooth down strands, while clippers and buzzers let you quickly and efficiently give basic haircuts.

Create Elaborate Styles
From plaits and braids to cascading curls, elaborate hairstyles make customers feel special. Stock up on the accessories you need to offer high-value specialty services. Keep curling irons, flat irons, and other hair styling tools on hand to create whatever trendy looks your customers want. Reduce frizz with ionic hair dryers, or experiment with extreme textured styles using freezing foam and firm-hold sprays.

Keep Your Salon Tidy
Keep your salon looking great with salon capes that catch cut hair as it falls. Choose from simple single-color capes that match the decor of your salon or cute kid-friendly capes that make children excited about their upcoming haircuts. Disposable gloves protect your skin during dye jobs, while durable floor mats keep spills and splashes from marring your salon floor. Caddies and color stations ensure that all of your supplies stay organized and within easy reach when you're tackling a tough coloring or styling job.