Spa & Salon

Use spa and salon products to give guests at your facility a day to remember. Choose from a wide selection of hair and skincare products for intensive beauty treatments, and select massage products for relaxation and stress relief. Spa apparel lets you outfit your staff and keep guests comfortable.

Coordinated Apparel
Outfit your staff with matching spa and salon uniforms that reflect the professionalism of your business. Choose barber and esthetician smocks and uniforms to protect employee clothing against stains and tears, and roomy pockets in these options allow workers to keep frequently used items close at hand. Treat guests to a comfortable experience using plush robes and wraps to keep them warm between treatments while preserving their modesty.

Massage Tools
Promote relaxation with a wide array of spa and salon products, including furniture for massage rooms that is padded for comfort. Choose stools and chairs on casters that allow staff to move around the area with ease, and select portable chairs and tables for on-the-go use. Oils, creams, and lotions keep delicate skin moisturized during rub downs, and sheets and linens that are easy to clean make tidying up the room after each client simple and convenient.

Pamper Hair and Skin
Help guests maintain their natural attractiveness with hair and skincare products designed to beautify. Choose shampoos and conditioners for special-needs clients and hair-styling products that help your clientele make the most of their trendy new styles. Use facial brushes and dermabrasion supplies to thoroughly clean skin and smooth out uneven surfaces. Set up an array of products for clients to take home with them using display cases.