Coffee Beans

Having coffee beans available in the office offers a nice way for employees to start their day. It is important to have a general idea of how much coffee is being consumed on a weekly basis in order to keep enough in stock. Using beans allows you to measure the correct amount to put into a grinder before brewing, letting you see the percentage used per pot. With several different varieties offered and a rich flavor content, a whole bean coffee selection is a pleasant addition to any break room.

Grinding Whole Coffee Beans Creates a Full-Bodied Brew

Grinders allow the beans to release their natural oils into a dense blend that is ready for brewing. This process creates a fresh-tasting, richly textured flavor. Handheld and electric grinders are available to aid in preparing options that suit the tastes of fellow staff members. The finished product can be served hot or over ice. Impress future clients with a concoction that tastes as if it were prepared by a barista with one of Staples coffee makers.

Coffee Beans Help Save Time and Increase Efficiency
Provide several choices for your work force to have on hand during busy meetings by ordering coffee online. There will no longer be a need to send someone to stand in a long line to get a Starbuck's Pike Place roast or the famous brand's signature Caffe Verona if it is readily available just a few feet from your conference room. Decaf options are offered by Seattle's Best, Peet's Coffee and Lavazza. Refined palates can enjoy the taste of Lavazza that is offered in indulgent flavors such as Grand Espresso, Pienaroma Espresso, Top Class Espresso and Qualita Oro. Include Eight O'Clock Original in the assortment of coffees that are offered to have a classic blend as a quick go-to choice. Prepare and label the types of selections that you would like to have before beginning an important brainstorming session.

Whole Coffee Beans Stay Fresher Longer
Many companies design their packaging to hold in freshness for a certain period before and after opening. Storing these items in a freezer increases the amount of time that the product keeps a fresh taste. Whole beans retain their flavor longer than ground varieties. Different size options are available to meet your needs. Smaller offices may opt for a 1-pound bag of a crowd-pleasing roast, while larger corporations may invest in a much-needed case of 6 2.2-pound bags for each department.

Be Prepared for Special Occasions with The Right Type of Coffee Beans
Plan for both special events and day-to-day use when considering how much coffee is needed during different times of year. Be sure to have your client's favorite handy for impromptu and unexpected visits to your facility. Have several varieties available that can be stored away and brought out when needed for special occasions and parties. Keep upcoming corporate functions that you are hosting in mind when ordering coffee online. Experiment with several varieties of coffee beans within the office to gather a consensus on brand favorites as well as much-liked flavors. Grind up the coffee beans for custom k-cups, allowing you to enjoy fresh coffee immediately.