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Cold Water Dispensers

Cold water dispensers provide cool, refreshing drinks to satiate thirst. Unlike regular water dispensers, these units lower the temperature of the water before dispersing it. They are ideal for home and work environments and are especially convenient on hot days. Staples® carries a good selection of these dispensing water coolers and water faucet filters in different designs, along with accessories, such as paper cups.

Choose Between Countertop and Freestanding Cold Water Dispensers
A countertop water cooler is smaller than a freestanding one. It sits on a table or kitchen counter and is usually a portable unit. A freestanding cold water dispenser is a tall, stand-alone unit. Usually, it has a bigger compressor than a countertop model and can, therefore, dispense colder drinks. While a tabletop unit is a top-loading cooler, there are freestanding models with bottom-loading designs.

Top-loading models hold water bottles above the spigots, while bottom-loading units have shelves underneath the faucets for this purpose. Bottom-loading models take up less space and keep water bottles out of sight. They save users the effort of lifting heavy bottles when reloading their units. However, they usually require more power since they need to pump water upward against gravity. Besides being more energy-efficient, another benefit of top-loading coolers is the ease of checking the water levels in their reservoirs.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Cold Water Dispensers
Most water coolers accommodate standard water bottles with capacities ranging from 2 to 5 gallons. Before ordering one, make sure to confirm the bottle sizes are compatible with the dispenser. Cooling temperature is another feature to check. Manufacturers usually provide temperature ranges for their units. Factors determining the cooling performance of a dispenser include the size and type of its condenser.

Other useful features to look for in a water cooler include drip tray and cup holders. Pick a model that can store enough cups for the number of people using the dispenser. A drip tray catches spills and makes cleanups easy. It can also save the floor from drip damage. Select a model with ample space between its faucet and drip tray to accommodate tall cups and portable water bottles.

Do Cold Water Dispensers Also Filter Water?
Not all water coolers dispense filtered water. Some have built-in water pitcher filters for removing sediment, chlorine, dissolved salts, heavy metals, and odor. These commonly use activated carbon and reverse osmosis filters to remove impurities.

What Are Point-of-Use Cold Water Dispensers?
A point-of-use water cooler connects directly to a water line. It cools water in a holding reservoir and usually also has a built-in filter. Compared to a regular unit, this type of dispenser saves users the cost of buying water bottle refills. However, they do require installation by professionals.

Are There Hot and Cold Water Dispensers?
These use separate faucets for cold and hot water. In addition to condensers, they also have heating elements for boiling water. Choose hot water dispensers if you regularly need hot water. When comparing such dual-purpose units, find one with a safety feature that prevents accidental dispensing of hot water. A convenient child lock on the hot water faucet helps reduce the risk of burns.
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Avanti® Water Cooler in Cabinet
Item: SS1035966
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  • Available in hot, cold and room temperature water or cold water models
  • Holds standard 3 and 5 gallon bottles
  • Injection-molded cabinet resists scratches and dents
As low as 147.69 $147.69
Multiple options available
Pelican 20q-2-tanorg 20-quart Elite Cooler (tan/orange)
Item: 23980896 / Model : PLO20QTANORG
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  • 2" polyurethane foam insulation for 3 days of ice retention
  • Holds 15 cans or 4 bottles of wine, upright
  • ABS latch, polypropolene handle & spigot
179.99 $179.99
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  • 5
  • 6
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Waterlogic Countertop Water Purifier
Item: 1932209 / Model : WL-3217
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  • For the first time a purifier for your home that does not require weekly or even monthly filter changes, guarantees water of the highest standard and costs as little as 10c per gallon in running costs
  • Our filtration system reduces lead, chlorine, organic particles and other non-dissolved particles.
  • 17" x 12" x 15"
625.39 $625.39
General Store Cottage Chic 2.5 Gallons Drink Dispenser Clear (116944.01)
Item: 24272278 / Model : 935100421M
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  • Drink dispenser
  • Can hold up to 2.5 gallons of liquid
  • Clear dispenser. Made of glass
24.49 $24.49