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Cross® Ballpoint Pen Refill Fine Black (8514)

Cross® Ballpoint Pen Refill Fine Black (8514)

Item #: 146035 | Model #: 8514
Cross® Ballpoint Pen Refill Fine Black (8514)
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Product ID: 146035
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Product details
Cross® Fine Ballpoint Pen Refill - Dependable and Practical.

Keep a reliable Cross® fine ballpoint pen refill on hand so that your written words can continue flowing when you're in the middle of drafting an important memo. This fine point refill comes in a rich black hue that lets you deliver crisp, professional-looking documents to clients and colleagues.

  • Ballpoint Black
  • Suitable for general-purpose writing, highly reliable and convenient for use on all paper.
  • Each
  • Ink refills for all Cross® ballpoints
  • Long lasting
  • High quality
  • Fine point, 0.8mm
  • Fits: Bill Blass, Pierre Cardin, Quill, Garland, Colibri, Lodis, Zippo, and other twist mechanism pens.

Versatile Design

Sign your name on matte, semi-gloss, or standard printer paper without worrying about smudges and smears. Each high-quality Cross fine ballpoint pen refill is compatible with several different brands, including Colibri, Zippo, and Quill.

Simple to Install

When it's time to refill your pen with a Cross fine ballpoint pen refill, you won't have to put your current task on hold for long. Slide the refill inside a compatible twist-mechanism pen, replace the top, and enjoy the top-notch performance of this impressive refill immediately.

Slim Profile

Store several Cross pen refills at one time without cluttering up your desk drawer or storage cabinet. The 0.8 mm refill cartridges take up very little space, so it's easy to keep plenty of refills on hand.