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Parker pens are classic, fine-writing implements that have been around for more than 125 years. They have a distinctive, contoured-barrel design with timeless, luxury styling. The pens offer a full range of precision-engineered writing tips and attractive barrel designs. Each part of the writing implements contain the highest-quality material and is manufactured according to model-specific engineering standards.

Luxury Parker Pens Are Versatile
Parker ink writing implements come in several distinct models. Most of the models offer three alternative writing tips, or nibs. Parker fountain pen nibs have a feather-shape design, some consisting of etched gold and stainless steel. Several different nib sizes are available for a full range of extremely fine to extremely broad writing lines, all using water-based ink. Parker fountain pens are available with three alternative nib-point tips, regular, or rounded, italic and an oblique-point tip for those who have a flat writing angle. Nibs for Parker fixed-position ballpoint and gliding rollerball pens, many of them chrome-plated, come with 0.5 and 0.7 mm point tips.

Parker also offers fountain pens that use an innovative quick-drying, gel-ink nib, consisting of a fiber-point tip that glides in a fixed but flexible base like a rollerball. The proprietary 5TH Way technology tip puts down a bold ink line like a fountain pen, but with more crispness and without skips or smudging.

Parker Pens Have a Variety of Luxury Designs
Barrel designs define the luxury of Parker fine-writing tools. Many of the luxury pens have the characteristic broad barrel arc where the tool fits in the hand. The barrel material consists of either stainless steel or plated metal, including gold, brass, silver and chrome, or highly lacquered hand-cast acrylic with distinctive designs like pearl. Many of the barrels have etched patterns in the metal or acrylic or consist of hybrid designs of metal banding and lacquered finishes. They come in sophisticated colors like taupe, gunmetal, silver and terra-cotta, in addition to the distinctive blue, brown or black hues.

How Do You Open Parker Pens To Write With Them?
Some of the brand's fine-writing tools have retractable ballpoint tips. Others have a twist-up barrel mechanism. Most of the calligraphy pens have snap-on or screw caps with designs that mimic the barrel and provide a stylish accent on either end of the writing implement.

What Ink Colors Are Available for Parker Pens?
Parker makes its own quick-drying ink under the proprietary name Quink. Ballpoint and rollerball ink is available in the classic fine-writing colors of black, blue and red. Ink for the brand's fountain pens adds green and light blue to the ink palette. Gel ink for the 5TH Way nib and other writing tools that use it comes in black, blue and red.

Does Parker Make Ink Refills?
Yes. Most of the ink in Parker ballpoints and rollerball pens comes in a barrel cartridge. All cartridges are easily replaceable by unscrewing the barrel of the writing tool. Some of the brand's luxury pens draw ink from a bottle with a screwing or pulling action from the barrel converter with the nib removed. Refill cartridges for Parker 5TH writing tools are engineered to eliminate any adverse effects of pressure, impact and temperature on ink flow.

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