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Crucial Solid State Drives

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Modern computer applications use significant amounts of data, and Crucial™ solid state drives (SSDs) deliver the performance to keep up with these demands. They combine fast access speeds with energy efficient designs and security features, making them excellent storage options for students, home users, and business professionals. Find a Crucial SSD that matches your computing needs when you browse the data storage products and computer accessories available at Staples®.

Enjoy High-speed Data Access With Crucial Solid State Drives
Upgrading a computer with an SSD provides an immediate performance boost. Crucial products have read speeds of up to 530 megabytes per second and write speeds of up to 510 megabytes per second. They reduce system startup times and load and save files much faster than magnetic hard disks. Users running the Microsoft® Windows® operating system can use the Crucial Storage Executive, a free software tool, to further enhance SSD performance. Drive read and write operations are up to 10 times faster with the Momentum Cache feature enabled. The software also gives users access to drive monitoring and security features.

Crucial Solid State Drives Are a Durable Data Storage Option
Reliability is a fundamental requirement of any data storage system. Crucial drives store information in redundant arrays of NAND memory cells and have built-in ECC support that automatically corrects minor data errors. They also use Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology to predict hardware failures before they occur. This combination of features gives Crucial SSDs a mean time between failure of 1.5 million hours, more than 17 years.

Are Crucial Solid State Drives Secure?
All of these products have built-in AES 256-bit encryption that protects stored data from unauthorized access. They also support the Opal 2.0 storage specification, the IEEE 1667 protocol standard, and Microsoft eDrive. Compliance with these standards ensures the drives are compatible with almost any security hardware or software.

Are Crucial Solid State Drives Better Than Hard Disks?
Both of these devices have the same function; they provide permanent storage for computer data. Hard drives store information on spinning magnetic platters using a recording head that floats just above the disk's surface. SSDs record information in memory chips. While both types of drive are very reliable, solid state drives are much faster, use less energy, and generate less heat than hard disks. They also have no moving parts, so they are highly resistant to impact damage and are silent when running. Hard drives do cost less per gigabyte of storage than SSDs. A hard disk is an attractive option for bulk storage when access speed is not a factor, but a Crucial solid state drive offers a distinct advantage in most situations.

How Big Are Crucial Solid State Drives?
These products have storage capacities of 275GB to 2TB. Smaller 275 to 525GB drives have enough space to meet the needs of a typical home or business user. Choose large 1 to 2TB drives to hold large media collections or provide server-based storage for multiple users.

What Type of Connectors Do Crucial Solid State Drives Have?
Most SSDs have industry-standard SATA connectors that plug into almost any desktop or server motherboard. Anyone that can use a screwdriver and identify cable connectors can probably install a Crucial drive. Some solid state drives have M.2 connectors and a card-style form factor, a design that takes up less of the limited space inside a laptop case.
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