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Snow Joe SupplyAID 32 oz. Spray Bottle, White, 4/Pack (RRS-PSB32-4)Snow Joe SupplyAID 32 oz. Spray Bottle, White, 4/Pack (RRS-PSB32-4)
Item #24442256
Model #RRS-PSB32-4
  • Plastic spray bottle to mix and dispense concentrated cleaning products
  • Capacity: 32 oz.
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Skilcraft 16 Oz. Spray Bottle, Opaque (8125-00-488-7952)
Item #772368
Model #8125004887952
  • Plastic spray bottles ideal for dispensing cleaners
  • 16 oz. bottle capacity
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HoneyCanDo® Stainless Steel Spray Bottle, Silver
Item #231310
Model #KCH-01085
  • 0.7 mm gauge stainless steel, durable construction
  • Easy cleaning, satin finish
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Devault Enterprises 22 oz. Spray and Swipe General Purpose Bottle (13628326)
Item #1262381
Model #13628326
  • Fill spray bottle then place paper towels
  • Capacity: 22 oz.
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PAK-IT Botlle With Trigger 32Oz
Item #SS2644185
  • Color: Available in Various Colors
  • Material: PET
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Virex II 256 32 Oz. Spray Bottle, White (D03916)
Out of Stock
Item #321250
Model #D03916
  • Empty spray bottle for use with Virex II 256 disinfectant cleaner and deodorant
  • 32 oz. bottle
Glance Refillable Spray Bottle, 32 oz. (95224978)
Out of Stock
Item #321256
Model #D95224978
  • Empty 32 oz Spray Bottle
  • Used or Glance Non-Ammoniated Cleaner
Coastwide Professional™ All-in-One 32 Oz. Bottle with Graduations (CW4400SB-A)
Out of Stock
Item #24321399
Model #CW4400SB-A
  • Empty silk-screened bottle with graduations for use with Coastwide Professional™ All-in-One concentrate
  • 32 oz. capacity
Virex® 32 oz. Silk Screen II Bottle, 12/Carton (D03916)
Out of Stock
Item #2425510
Model #D03916
  • For use with Diversey Virex® II Solution
  • 32 oz. bottle
Coastwide Professional™ Hepastat 256 32 Oz. Plastic Bottle with Graduations (CW4250SB-A)
Out of Stock
Item #24392549
Model #CW4250SB-A
  • Empty silk-screened spray bottle for use with Coastwide Professional™ Hepastat 256 concentrate
  • 32 oz. capacity
Use spray bottles to dispense a variety of liquids, such as water and cleaning solutions, to many areas throughout the home, office, and classroom. Convenient and efficient units are available in different sizes and materials for indoor and outdoor projects. Color-code nozzles for different tasks around the home and garage to ensure the bottles remain in designated spaces. Staples has a large selection of bottle sprayers and other accessories, like sponges and towels, to keep homes, offices, and schools in tip-top shape.

Understand the benefits of using spray bottles
Bright colored nozzles are easy to recognize and make it simple to color-code the units to different projects around the home and workspace. Adjustable nozzles allow users to switch between a fine mist and a direct stream when working on different tasks, such as gardening and cleaning benches. Chemical-resistant sprayers withstand harsh chemicals and maintain structural integrity for extended periods of time, which is essential when using chemicals for indoor and outdoor projects like detailing cars and washing garages. The spray containers are available as single units and in bulk purchases of 24 or more bottles.

Consider bottle sprayers for a variety of tasks
Durable chemical-resistant sprayers have an efficient high-stroke output that requires fewer trigger pulls, which is useful when working with harsh liquids. Give an area a stylish aesthetic with stainless steel spray bottles that hold over 10 ounces of water and make it simple to mist household flowers and office plants. Multipurpose 32-ounce bottles with silk-screen labels maintain structural integrity in hot and cold environments and make it easy to keep units organized when the tasks involve long periods of inside and outside work. Tight-fitting lids remain in place and prevent liquids from escaping the bottles.

Are labels good for spray bottles?
Yes. Labels alert users to the type of substance inside containers. Staples has an extensive selection of adhesive labels to assist you with bottle organization. Large laminated labels are easy to read and make finding spray containers and other bottles simple when placed on high shelves or in the back of storage bins and cabinets. 

What does an O-ring do on spray bottles?
The durable piece of rubber or plastic is circle-shaped and is used on the trigger part of spray bottles. The O-ring is securely placed to prevent liquid from leaking from the nozzle during use. The necessary part is replaceable if the original wears out or gets lost.

What are some alternative uses for bottle sprayers?
Stay cool outdoors when it's hot and use lightweight 15-ounce bottles of water to mist overheated areas like the face, arms, and legs. Larger 24-ounce spray containers are convenient to have inside team bags to use when equipment and other gear need splashes of water to get rid debris and dirt from outside play and field competition. Mix olive oil and vinegar in small spray units and mist the flavorful dressing and marinade on salads, fish, chicken, and other dishes. Combine peppermint and water to make a room deodorizer and spritz around a room when an area needs a boost of freshness.