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Solo RW16 Barium Dispenser Graduated Cup; 16 oz., White, 1000/PackSolo RW16 Barium Dispenser Graduated Cup; 16 oz., White, 1000/Pack
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Item #SCCRW16
Model #RW16
  • Capacity: 16 oz.
  • Material: Plastic
Disposable cups are a handy way to reduce cross-contamination while making it easier for you to track your consumption of fluids and medications. These disposable cups combine durability, ease of use, and versatility.

Sturdy Construction
Made of durable materials, such as polystyrene plastic and polypropylene, that are strong enough to hold hot and cold liquids, disposable cups are a safe way to administer medications or liquids. The cups made with polystyrene are crack-resistant, diminishing the need to worry about spills and leaks. Thicker plastic on the bottom and edges of the cups increases strength for heavy-duty use.

Choose disposable cups with fluted designs to provide a comfortable grip. When used with a rigid plastic bed tray, disposable cups decrease the need to unnecessarily overextend yourself when you want to drink. Plastic and paper disposable cups come in large quantities to enable you to simply dispose of them and use a new one immediately.

Multiple Uses
Use disposable cups when you need to crush pill medications or know how much fluid you're drinking. Choose cups that provide measurements on the sidewalls to help you dispense liquids accurately, or use small disposable cups made with thick paper to hold medications in pill form. Cups with tight-fitting lids and disposable straws encourage you to drink plenty of fluids.

Disposable cups offer a sanitary solution to rehabilitation or recovery processes at home or in a medical setting. Easily wash disposable cups made with dishwasher-safe materials to save you time and money. You can also discard the disposable cups after each use to maintain the sterility of the equipment. Use disposable cups with spill-proof lids to prevent spills and messes that can contaminate medications and equipment.