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Use ear plugs to keep employees safe from hearing loss in loud environments. Plugs from manufacturers such as Moldex, E-A-R, and Howard Leight provide protection while still allowing workers to hear necessary instructions and warnings. Keep plenty of ear plugs on hand to ensure consistent access.

Comfortable Fit
Molded ear plugs slip comfortably into the ear and gently expand in the ear canal to provide a tight seal that blocks out loud sounds, and they can be worn for long periods of time without causing irritation. Corded plugs guard against loss because they can be attached to other equipment or a belt between jobs and kept within easy reach. Tapered plugs are easy to insert and remove when workers are moving between different work zones, and this added convenience makes employees more likely to use them.

Reliable Protection
Ear plugs rated at 29 or 33 decibels offer reliable noise reduction that protects the sensitive inner ear from long-term damage. Brightly colored plugs let you see at a glance which employees are compliant with ear-protection regulations, making it simple to monitor actual usage. Offer both noise-reducing ear plugs and ear muffs to let workers choose which type of hearing protection they prefer or to give workers the option of wearing both at once for extra noise reduction.

Bulk Convenience
Buy ear plugs in bulk and keep them in a box or dispenser near the door so that each employee can grab a pair when heading into an area where plugs are required. Disposable ear plugs are economical and hygienic, while washable plugs can be reused multiple times by the same individual. Large packs of ear plugs ensure that you don't quickly run out.