A headphone set offers users a private listening option for music, podcasts and more. These products include tiny and portable earbuds, full-sized models that help reduce ambient noise levels and devices with built-in microphones that can enhance the privacy of phone conversations. Staples carries a broad range of options in many different styles, including brands such as Audio-Technica, Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose, Nakamichi and Phillips.

Headphones Provide a Private Audio Experience
Whether you're taking music or podcasts on the road, listening to tunes in a busy office or watching a movie on a laptop, headphones provide excellent audio quality and help reduce outside distractions. They also let you enjoy media without disturbing co-workers or fellow travelers. Their superior sound reproduction capabilities capture the subtleties of classical music or the thrilling sound effects of a blockbuster movie. Select products use noise-cancellation technology to eliminate ambient sounds.

Take Advantage of Headphone Convenience Features
People use these devices with personal music players, cell phones, computers and traditional stereo equipment. Wired products have standard mini plugs that are compatible with most devices, while wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to simplify connections with multiple audio sources. Compact earbuds and folding full-sized models are ideal for active users or frequent travelers. Over- and on-ear products have padded headbands that are comfortable and provide a secure fit. Most models with microphones have mute switches and easily accessible volume controls.

How Do Different Headphone Types Compare?
Almost all these products fall into one of three categories. Earbuds and in-ear models are tiny and fit directly on or inside your ear canal. Their lightweight design makes them an excellent option for cell phones or portable music players. The wearer can also hear ambient noise, which makes them a good choice for people who make calls or listen to music in busy areas. On-ear and over-ear designs have a cup that covers the wearer's ear. On-ear headphones are light, but they block less ambient noise. Over-ear headphone models provide excellent sound isolation, but they're also heavier than on-ear models.

Which Should You Choose, Closed or Open Back Headphones?
On- and over-ear devices have either open or closed shells, and both styles have their advantages. Open-back designs have perforations in the outer case that allow air and outside sounds to circulate. They produce an airy sound and may be cooler than closed back models, but what you're listening to can leak into the surrounding area, which may disturb others. Closed headphones have a solid shell that blocks sound. They provide excellent isolation and produce a more intimate, in-your-head listening experience. Closed designs do trap air and can make your ears feel hot if worn for extended periods.

What's the Range of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones?
Bluetooth is a data transmission standard that can be used to stream audio. It's the most common communication protocol for wireless headphones. Most audio systems use type 2 Bluetooth, which has a maximum range of about 30 feet. Obstacles such as furniture and walls can interfere with Bluetooth signals, reducing headphone range.

Headphones combine excellent sound reproduction with convenience features to create a private audio experience. Explore the many audio products available at Staples and find a pair that meets your listening needs.