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Bissell Rechargeable Electric Broom with Detachable Hand Held VacuumBissell Rechargeable Electric Broom with Detachable Hand Held Vacuum
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Item #1075498
Model #BG701B
  • Dimension: 45"H x 6.5"W x 9.5"D
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
It's easy to clean hard surfaces with an electric broom, a cleaning tool that combines lightweight design and powerful vacuum capabilities to maximize functionality. Staples carries a variety of cleaning supplies and vacuums including the popular Shark vacuums.

Save Space With an Electric Broom
Electric brooms are similar to portable vacuums in many ways, but they are much smaller than most conventional vacuum cleaners. Many broom models weigh 6 pounds or less, improving maneuverability and control. Electric sweepers are narrow and require much less storage space than most vacuums, so they are easily stored in a supply closet or corner. These features make electric brooms the ideal solution for small homes and offices.

Maneuver in Corners and Small Spaces
Another benefit of electric brooms is their ability to clean tight spaces. The space-efficient design of the electric brooms permits it to move into corners and tight areas that vacuums cannot reach. Many models also have swivel heads that offer additional flexibility and make it easy to clean almost any room, similar to handheld vacuums.

Cordless and Plug-in Options for Any Room
Depending on how large of an area you need to cover and how much space is available, either a cordless broom or a robot vacuum is well-suited to your needs. Those who have very large rooms or want the freedom to move around the house while cleaning benefit from the convenience of cordless brooms. These models plug into recharge and run on battery for short cleaning sessions. Some models also have the option of using AC power for longer cleaning sessions. Plug-in models are ideal for small rooms and those who have easy access to electrical outlets.

Which Surfaces Accommodate an Electric Broom?
Electric broom work well on many surfaces, but it's important to choose a model that is optimized for your flooring type. This tool works most efficiently on hard floors, such as laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. They also work well with low-pile carpeting because this floor covering has short fibers and tight loops. Most electric brooms do not have the power needed to clean softer high-pile carpeting.

What Features Do Electric Brooms Offer?
From basic broom models with minimal features to deluxe models with dozens of extra features, there are many options to consider. Some models have a detachable head. This lets you use the broom head as a handheld vacuum in small spaces. Others use water to deep clean surfaces. They keep clean water and dirty water in separate compartments to prevent the spread of dirt. Some electric brooms use disposable vacuum filters, a convenient feature for those who want to dispose of dirt without having to shake out the vacuum. Other models use a bagless design, which is convenient for those who do not want to keep extra bags on hand.

How Do Electric Sweepers Clean?
This tool uses the same cleaning technique as manual brooms but takes it to the next level. The broom bristles move quickly to agitate dirt, and the suction tool picks up the loose debris. Electric brooms with water tanks sweep, moisten the surface and clean up the excess water to remove all the remaining dirt.