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Power Distribution Units

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With power distribution units, you're never limited by the standard outlets of your building. Use these units to plug in many different electronics, such as computers, printers, and phones. Most of these units require little installation or technical knowledge, so anyone can use them.

Built-In Protection
Most power distribution units feature protective circuitry that keeps plugged-in items safe from unexpected power surges, blackouts, or other power problems. Surge protectors and circuit breakers are built into most of these units, and some options include a visual readout of power voltage and other important information, so you can keep track of how much energy is going through the wires and cables. Some units include a small amount of backup power that keeps important devices, like servers, online during brief power flickers.

Multiple Outlets
Each unit features multiple outlets, allowing you to use one wall outlet to power many extension and power cords. This gives you a lot of freedom when setting up offices and server rooms, since you are no longer limited by the room's design. Multiple outlets on a single power strip also helps you organize wires, because they are in a straight line rather than bundled together by a traditional wall outlet.

Convenient Power Switches
You can easily turn on or off a bank of electronics that are pulled into these units. Most units feature a power switch, allowing you to control the power of all of the connected devices with one action. This saves you time when cutting power at the end of the day and prevents products from leeching power when they aren't turned on.

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