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Black & Decker® Light 'N Easy™ Compact Steam Iron, Teal (IR1010)
Item #24254515
Model #IR1010
  • Compact steam iron
  • Comes in teal color with stainless steel & plastic, TrueGlide nonstick sole plate construction
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Brentwood Mpi-53 Steam; Spray And Dry Iron, Black
Item #1196749
Model #BTWMPI53
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Stream, spray & dry settings
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Brentwood Nonstick Steam, Dry & Spray Iron
Item #2140321
Model #BTWMPI52
  • Dry, steam & spray settings
  • Full size
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Black & Decker® Vitessa™ Advanced Cord Reel Steam Iron, Green (ICR2020)
Item #24254513
Model #ICR2020
  • Advanced cord reel steam iron
  • Comes in green color with stainless steel & plastic, TrueGlide non-stick sole plate construction
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Panasonic 1200 W Circulating Steam Iron, White/Green (NI-E250TR)
Item #IM1ZH8540
Model #NI-E250TR
  • Circulating steam iron offers effortless iron with minimal tugging on all fabrics
  • Dimensions: 5 5/6"H x 4 7/16"W x 10 1/16"D
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Conair GS7R Compact Fabric Steamer
Item #1188578
Model #GS7R
  • 1200W
  • Up to 60 minutes steam time with 55 oz. water capacity
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Brentwood MPI-90R Steam Iron With Auto Shut-OFF (Red)
Item #2431175
Model #BTWMPI90R
  • Steam Iron
  • Dim: 5"H X 6"W X 12.4"D
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Black & Decker™ Allure™ Digital Soleplate Iron; Blue (D3030)
Item #2110113
Model #D3030
  • Digital soleplate iron is 10 times more durable than traditional nonstick
  • Dimensions: 5.7"H x 11.7"W x 4.3"D
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Conair CompleteSteam Travel Fabric Steamer(GS2)Conair CompleteSteam Travel Fabric Steamer(GS2)
Item #24329787
Model #CNRGS2
  • 1,100W
  • 60-sec heat-up
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Black & Decker® Steam Iron, Blue (F210)
Item #24254511
Model #F210
  • Steam iron
  • Dimensions: 10.9"L x 4.8"W x 5.8"H
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Garment steamers and steam irons are essential in ensuring that clothes are without creases, enhancing neatness. Steamers and clothing irons use efficient heating elements that remove the wrinkles in the shortest time possible. Check out the wide range of garment steamers and steam irons at Staples to find the small appliances best fit for the purpose. 

Consider the ease of use
Steam irons have temperature buttons labeled so it’s easy to adjust temperature levels. Devices that fit into one hand are more comfortable to use with less fatigue and pressure on the hands. Most of the steamers have pads on the handle that enhance grip and prevent the steamers from slipping. Select standing garment steamers come with hanging racks allowing more ease of use.

Consider the right size for a specific need
The shape and size of a steam iron greatly determines how easy and convenient it is to use. Garment steamers and clothing irons are available in various models and sizes designed for different purposes. Some fabric steamers are portable and compact for taking on business trips and vacations. Light and thin steamers are more comfortable to use on large clothes and even when ironing a bulk load of clothes because they reduce the fatigue that comes with holding the steamer.

Select a good ironing board
A great laundry experience is incomplete without the use of a comfortable ironing board. Opt for ironing boards with adjustable heights so that users can keep the board at a level they’re comfortable with. Ironing boards come in different widths to offer convenience when ironing varying sizes of clothes. The stability and utility of an ironing board are essentials. Some ironing boards are suitable for use on tabletops for ironing things like sleeves and collars.

Are there garment steamers with larger water tanks?
The clothes steamers and steam irons heat the water and turn it to pressurized steam to facilitate the ironing experience. The tanks vary in size; for instance, clothing irons have smaller containers and need frequent refills compared to garment steamers, which have larger tanks. Garment steamers are efficient for use in commercial facilities and homes where ironing is a frequent chore.

Are there steamers with accessories?
Some steamers come with accessories such as fluff cleaners and collar and cuff straightening accessories. Clothes hangers also make the ironing experience easier. The choice of steamers and accessories depends on need, convenience, frequency of use, and the load of clothes that need pressing.

Does heat up time of garment steamers vary?
Some clothes steamers have up to 20 minutes wait time, while others heat to the desired temperature more quickly. The choice of steamer heat time depends on the user’s preferences. The steamers that take more time to heat consume more power.

What are some special features of ironing boards to consider?
Some ironing boards come with a sleeve board, iron rest, and clothes rack, which helps ensure a streamlined process. There are ironing boards with shoulder wings that provide ease of use when ironing shoulder areas of shirts and blouses. Some ironing boards have a 360-degree rotation that allows for ironing of all the sides of the items without moving them.

Garment Steamers & Irons FAQs

You lead a busy life. That’s why at Staples we want to help you find the Garment Steamers & Irons you’re looking for so you can get on with your day. We carry 75 Garment Steamers & Iron products, all starting at prices as low as $6.99. That means you have some options and products to compare, which is where our FAQs can help.

Below you’ll find questions about top rated products, popular products, and the best deals Staples has on Garment Steamers & Irons. We’ve pulled together ratings, reviews, and deal information to help you filter through our inventory and find the right Garment Steamers & Iron at the best price anywhere.

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