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Dress Forms - Make Displaying and Altering Clothing Easy - Use dress forms in a wide range of sizes to create clothes from scratch or display specialty clothing items. Alterations are easy with forms designed for use with coats, blouses, sweaters, and suits. Choose from male, female, and child-size dress forms from NAHANCO, Janome, and Econoco.

Create Compelling Clothing Displays
Show off retail clothing by putting your most impressive pieces on dress forms in your store. The specificity of fashion forms ensures that sweaters, suits, dresses, and shirts all fall exactly as they should on the model. Flexible arm forms help fill out the arms of clothing on display, giving customers a better idea of what the item looks like on a real person.

Complete Alterations On-site
Because dress forms made of jersey and paper mache are designed to make alterations easy, they make a valuable addition to a bridal boutique, clothing rental facility, or couture retail clothing shop. Offer a customized fit for specific items, or increase profits with a menu of possible alterations. With dress forms on hand, you can do alterations on the spot or offer 24-hour turnaround service to keep high-end customers satisfied and reduce the risks involved with sending clothing to a separate location for alterations.

Craft Customized Clothes
Adjustable dress forms make it easy to create customized clothes because you can adapt the form to the precise measurements of your client. Freestanding dress forms make maneuvering around to all sides simple, and pin-friendly surfaces let you test your ideas before committing to them. Once your customized attire is complete, display it on the dress form itself or on a mannequin to let your customer see how the piece drapes and hangs.

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