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Fiction books let you read about your favorite characters' adventures and get a glimpse inside the minds of your favorite authors. Books can help you take a break from reality and escape into another world. Use books to inspire the imagination of your children and get them interested in reading.

Read Anywhere
As long as you have a few moments free, you have time to read. Fiction books can pull you into another world and make you want to read more. Keep a book on hand at home or at work to battle stress and escape reality for a few short minutes at a time.

Take With You on the Go
Lightweight books are the perfect size for stowing in your bag or suitcase and taking with you on vacation or to work. With e-readers, you can carry hundreds of your favorite books, magazines, and apps with you, making it easy to pack for a vacation or a day trip.

Appropriate for All Ages
Help your kids develop a passion in reading with books suitable for their age ranges. Kids who start reading at a younger age may continue reading later on in life and do better in school. Look for books that relate to their interests, hobbies, and activities.

Relax Easily
Relaxing and beating stress is easy when you have a book that interests you nearby. Reading just a few pages can help calm your mind and leave you feeling relaxed. Keep a classic book or a modern bestseller in your desk at work or next to your bed at home to enjoy during quiet moments.

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