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Dart® Quiet Classic® Foam Plates 9", White, 500/Carton (9PWQ)
Item #481235
Model #9PWQ
  • Ideal for hot or cold entrees
  • Laminated for extra strength and gloss
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Office parties, company picnics, and backyard barbecues are ideal events for using foam plates. On a commercial level, food courts, soup kitchens, and food trucks rely on foam when neither paper nor plastic represents a viable option. Typically, the number of attendees makes disposable tableware the most sanitary method for serving food. This product also keeps sinks free from stacked, used dishes. Staples® carries a broad range of disposable plates and other throwaway dishes for every purpose.

Select Foam Plates in Convenient Sizes
Easily serve entrees or desserts on 6-inch plates, the perfect size for those with small appetites. Select 8-inch products to allow for pairing the main food with two to three side dishes. This size is ideal for food court settings as well as for self-serve, buffet-style potlucks. Eliminate the need for foam bowls holding salads by choosing 10-inch plates that hold full meals with the greens or other salad varieties.

Foam Plates With Compartments Are Suitable for Office Parties and Potlucks
Because the hallmark of potlucks, office picnics, and food court buffets is the variety of available palm leaf disposable dishes, plates with compartments are good choices. They keep soft dishes and those with sauces from mixing by allowing diners to scoop portions into one of three compartments. When serving bread, salad, and dessert alongside the main dish, sectioned disposable dinnerware gives individuals a chance to enjoy their meal components separately.

How Durable Are Foam Plates?
Even without lamination, plastic disposable plates last through meals and beyond, working well for hot or cold foods. The surface does not absorb moisture, which makes foam plates a good option for packing up leftovers for temporary storage. Because the plates hold food without bending or breaking, diners can hang on to them with one hand while carrying other items to the table. When using plastic cutlery, they withstand knife damage.

Do Foam Plates Come With Laminates?
Some polystyrene foam dinnerware comes with a top layer of lamination. It may be white or feature designer colors. Hues can complement themes for parties or set the tone for events. The laminate offers an additional level of cut resistance, which makes the products suitable for use when serving meat and other dishes that require more cutting than others.

Are Foam Plates Microwave Save?
The DART® Container Corporation, which manufactures foam polystyrene products, explains that using polystyrene in the microwave is safe. The trick is not to overheat the food. When this happens, the hot food may weaken the integrity of the plate’s structure. As a general rule of thumb, it makes sense to reheat food for brief periods, remove it from the microwave and stir, and then return it for further reheating if needed. Repeat the process twice or more frequently, depending on the food’s temperature.

Is It Possible to Recycle Foam Plates?
Polystyrene foam is a recyclable material. Depending on the local municipality’s recycling program, disposing of used plates in the proper bin is all that is necessary. For large-scale users of these disposable dishes, manufacturers frequently operate special programs that make recycling of the products convenient and fast.

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