Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee, Dark Roast (02054)

Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee, Dark Roast (02054)

Item #: 1685435 | Model #: SMU02054
Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee, Dark Roast (02054)
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Product ID: 1685435
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Product details
Brew bold, rich hot beverages with Folgers Black Silk ground coffee.

Bring a delicious taste and enticing aromas to the office with this ground coffee. The dark roast offers a bold but smooth flavor profile that's perfect for busy mornings, and the preground beans make prep quick and easy. This Folgers Black Silk coffee comes in a resealable plastic canister to maintain freshness and allow for convenient storage in an office pantry or break room cabinet.

  • Ground coffee is ready for brewing
  • Dark roast coffee with Black Silk flavor
  • 24.2 oz. can
  • Caffeinated coffee provides an instant pick-me-up when you take a sip
  • The product is kosher

Large Container
This large container of Folgers Black Silk ground coffee holds 24.2 ounces, meaning it contains enough coffee to brew 210 6-ounce cups. It's perfect for use in personal coffee makers or large brewers designed to serve a crowd.

Tasty Dark Roast
This tasty dark roast delivers plenty of bold flavor in each brewed cup. Employees, customers, and clients can alter the coffee to taste with milk, creamer, sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

Caffeinated Coffee
Folgers Black Silk ground coffee contains caffeine, so those who like a jolt of energy during the workday can enjoy their favorite beverages without having to leave the office. This product is also certified Kosher.