Gaming Centers & Desks

Gaming desks include several features for both casual and professional players. Gaming desks from Staples® rarely include hutches, which leaves plenty of space for serious players to set up a gaming tower, multiple monitors, gaming keyboards and mice, and any other accessories gamers might need. Desk materials include glass, MDF, PVC, and wood so it’s easy to find something to fit any space. 

Functions and Features of Gaming Desks
Many models have a textured top which enhances the look and durability of the piece. Most also include cable management options that keep cords organized and out of the way for a more streamlined gaming experience. Gaming desks are available in a wide range of colors, making it easy to match a desk with a gaming computer featuring LED lights or a backlit keyboard and mouse.

Why Choose a Gaming Desk Over a Traditional Desk?
While it is possible to use any type of desk, or even a table for gaming, there are distinct advantages to gaming desks. The larger size means there’s plenty of space to hold a complete gaming rig that might include 3 or more monitors. This increased space also means everything is nearby, so gamers can multi-task without having to move. This design also allows for increased airflow which helps ensure a gaming computer remains cool during intense game sessions.

What Are General Benefits of Using Gaming Desks?
Many desks include storage spaces for headphones and some even feature a cup holder. Some models have a slight curve in the front to allow users to get closer to the action. Others have height adjustment features for precision and comfort and adjustable feet for increased stability. 

What Are Storage Hubs?
As many gaming desks don't offer a lot of storage, some gamers also purchase a storage hub. These hubs are standalone pieces of furniture that pair well with gaming desks. Use one to store favorite video games, consoles, headphones, controllers and joysticks, and other gaming essentials. They assemble easily and offer plenty of space for several electronic toys and equipment. Storage units come with multiple shelves and some include side hanging options for cords and controllers. Many hubs feature swiveling casters for easy maneuverability.