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Computer gaming options let you experience next-level play with a PC or console. Whether you need a memory-rich system, furniture that offers increased support, or peripherals that improve the experience, Staples® carries a variety of gaming products that meet the needs of most PC users.

Computer Gaming Vs. Console Play
Gaming computers feature powerful processors that reduce lag and speed up load times. The graphics cards in gaming PCs display higher frames per second and reduce ghosting for sharper images than those seen on traditional desktops. These computers run games designed specifically for computers, allowing players to use the internet for interactions in virtual worlds. Console games provide the same interactions over the internet, but use the technology and graphics capabilities of the television for gameplay. The components of consoles aren't interchangeable, which means users can't make their own upgrades over time. However, console game makers introduce new video games frequently, without requiring additional upgrades to the device.

Popular Peripherals for Computer Gaming
Gaming mice and keyboards are the two most popular peripherals for gaming computers. Gaming mice provide increased responsiveness and precision in movements for greater control. Many of these mice feature programmable buttons that improve the use of macros for less input from the user. Gaming keyboards come with mechanical keys that stand up to frequent, heavy use. These models have keys reinforced with springs for increased lifespan. Both gaming keyboards and mice come in ergonomic designs that reduce stress on the hands and fingers for maximum comfort during long periods of play.

What Accessories Are Available for Computer Gaming and Consoles?
Headphones let players hear in-game sounds without disturbing those around them. Models with built-in microphones let players talk in real time for improved teamwork. Controllers range from simple units with a few buttons to wireless designs that handle numerous inputs. Virtual reality headsets work for both computers and consoles, helping players experience truly immersive gameplay.

Do All Computer Gaming Accessories Work With all Games?
Some PC games utilize keyboard and mouse controls only, reducing the peripherals needed for play. There are controllers designed for use with Windows® operating systems, and others that work with Apple® devices. Most headsets and microphones are interchangeable, letting users choose the design and features that provide a comfortable gaming experience.

What Components Are Upgradeable for Computer Gaming?
Nearly all components of a computer are upgradeable, which means users won't have to buy a new system to keep up with technology. External hard drives ensure plenty of space for saving games. Upgraded graphics cards let you improve the appearance of gameplay so you don't miss important happenings while you play. Monitors with high resolutions display sharp graphics and clear text for gaming and everyday use.

What Are the Furniture Options for Computer Gaming?
Gaming furniture includes chairs designed for ergonomic support to those that simulate sitting in a cockpit. Complete gaming centers feature holders for games, controllers, a raised monitor, and other components so everything is within reach. Simulation gaming chairs provide holders for pedals, steering wheels, and shifters that let racing and flying games seem more real.

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