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Gilmour Machetes & Saws

Saws and machetes are fundamental tools for any supply room. Whether you're managing a construction company, maintaining a property or planning a camping trip, Gilmour tools are vital to keep on hand. Staples offers a diverse supply of saws and machetes that fit a range of tasks.

Choose The Most Fitting Gilmour Saw
Construction projects involving wood depend on the right type of saw. The serrated edge of the tool effectively saws through wood so you can build wall beams, construct furniture, chop tree limbs or cut pieces of firewood. Bow saws, which are designed with a metal frame and wide blade, are ideal for cutting firewood or brush. Hand saws lack a frame but have a particularly thick blade that will remain rigid when cutting through thick lumber for construction projects. Gilmour saws include models that are durable, lightweight and feature strong steel frames.

Conduct Construction and Indoor Maintenance Tasks
Saws are also handy for general maintenance tasks, such as fixing fence posts and cutting drywall holes for electrical work. Choose a larger and stronger hand saw for more demanding woodworking. Smaller handsaws work fine for less demanding work like drywall. Accuracy is key for these types of tasks, so it can be helpful to choose a saw that offers a tension lever to ensure a tight blade. When using these types of tools, it's vital to always take safety precautions, including wearing a safety mask and carefully inspecting the wood for knots and nails to prevent buckling. Always use a saw that is the right size for the project at hand.

Complete Outdoor Maintenance
Be sure to use a saw when pruning limbs and branches that are thicker than 1.25 inches, as other types of pruning tools may not be able to cut through that much wood. Pruning helps to improve the growth of trees and shrubs. With the correct pruning method, gardeners can improve the tree's structure, encourage healthy growth and reduce the risk of injury from fallen limbs. Choose a saw with a hardened and tempered blade for effective cuts. If using a bow saw to cut tree limbs, choose an open-throat design which offers additional blade clearance for thicker branches. A rounded handle can ensure comfort during long sawing tasks.

Saws are also useful for chopping down firewood to smaller pieces that can fit in a fire pit. They can be used on camping trips or for preparing firewood for selling.

Clear Overgrown Plants and Brush
Open spaces and fields can quickly become overwhelmed with weeds and brush when left to their own devices. A machete is specially designed to tackle this stubborn growth, and can make clearing quick and simple. Machetes are effective at cutting overgrown grass, twigs, branches and high weeds. As long as the blade is sharp, you can effectively clear growth by simply swiping the blade across the plants. Machetes are a good choice for personal gardening, clearing agricultural areas and maintaining commercial spaces such as golf courses, gardens, parks and landscaped areas.
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Gilmour 521 21" Steel Bow Saw
Item : 1259483 / Model : 25254004
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  • Product Type: Bow Saw
  • Dimensions: 1"H x 6.35"W x 25"L
  • 5" cutting length
19.29 $19.29
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